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Readers Respond: What Are the Best Gifts For Sentimental Value?

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Have you given or received a gift that was special due to its sentimental value? Perhaps it was a family heirloom or something handmade. Tell us about the gift and what made it special.


I'm a sucker for hand prints of my kids. I have tons of them from lots of ages. I have plates, clothes, flowers made from fingers...
—Guest MomofMany


I am such a sucker for crafts of little hand prints--whether they are cast in plaster of paris or made with finger paints. I just love to be reminded how small they once were. The only place I don't like them is on the walls and windows!
—Guest LAMB


A few years ago I had silhouette portraits of my kids made for their grandmothers. (You can find artists on Etsy to do this at a really reasonable price.) It was especially meaningful for my mom since she still has silhouettes of me and my siblings from our preschool days.
—Guest catherine

Mysterious messages from Grandmother

When our dear mother passed my sister and I took on the heart-wrenching task of assigning treasured memories to her grandchildren. We were shocked to find that 'mysteriously' a missing loved one can direct those left behind. My mother, Grandmother, was above all, a true lady. We decided to give each granddaughter a set of one of mother's embroidered hankies, her soft leather hand glove, and a miniature box from her treasured collection. My sister sat down to write a note to the girls, and was overtaken with inspiration of words that could only have come from my Mother. An excerpt -"Remember to teach... as well as to learn, for being a lady IS your concern. The journey is endless...each day, every phase. As you gain wisdom, remember to praise. 'Treat yourself well' (don't question, don't doubt) If YOU remain empty, you can't 'give it out'. Hang something pretty, hang it in style Slip on the glove, and sit for awhile. Tuck in the hankie to to soothe your sweet heart...

Gifts to leave my grandson

I am giving my grandson Carson all the love and understanding right now, but I have made a journal of my life growing up and his dad's life along with a family tree book. I don't have any money to leave him, but I believe the memories together are the best thing in life. My memories of my family are the best. Gammy
—Guest Gammy

Sentimental Gift Giving

I am in the process of creating a huge scrapbook for my grandson who is 2. This scrapbook will span 18 years. When he turns 18, I'll give it to him, loaded with photos, his baby shoes, health information at various times, stories about the family, poems I write for him, etc. I know he will cherish it forever.

CD of songs

My dad is a musician and he has recorded two CDs for my kids -- one of kid songs like "Rubber Duckie" and "You Are My Sunshine" and one of Christmas songs. They are for my kids but I treasure them!
—Guest elena

An Interview

I bought a book of questions to ask and my grandma gave me the afternoon. We had lunch and I asked lots of questions and heard lots of great stories. This was one of our best afternoons together ever. Now that she's gone, I've already gotten her stories down to share...

Mom's Angels

My mother passed away when I was 20-years-old. At that time I couldn't let go of any of her things. Now that it's been 18 years - I see the need to move on from possessions - but I didn't want to throw away her cherished angel collection. I saved several angels for myself and my daughter picked out ones she liked. The rest I gave to woman who meant a lot to me - from family members to good friends. I included a letter explaining the gift and what that woman receiving the angel means to me.

Vintage Records

I love buying old records I listened to as a child and giving them to my son. So far, we've got the complete Golden Book Records set with storybooks. It took me a year to find someone selling them. Over the weekend, I bought The Muppet Alphabet Album from 1971. That was a 3-year search. But the wait is worth it. Watching my son's face light up as the turntable spins to the same songs and stories I listened to melts my heart!
—Guest Apryl

Mom's Pottery

For my adult daughter's birthday one year, I gave her a piece of pottery that had belonged to my wife. It was a kind of pottery that both my wife and my daughter had collected and loved. My wife had passed away a few years earlier. My daughter was very touched by the gift. She said that it was better than any gift she could have received from a store.
—Big PawPaw

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