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Have Fun and Stay Safe at the Beach

beach vacation

Keep the grandkids safe at the beach by boning up on stingrays, sand collapse and riptides. Photo © Cultura RM/Raygun | Getty Images

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Grandparents Spotlight10

Dealing With Grandparent Death

A grandparent death may be a child's first encounter with loss. Children dealing with death need the support of understanding adults, including the other grandparents.

Grandkids Say the Darndest Things!

Grandchildren have some great lines. On-the-ball grandparents write them down so they can be enjoyed another day.

Grandparents' Day: A Book for Children

A granddaughter's interactions with grandparents are reminiscent of things they did for her when she was small, in this children's book by Tina Marie Kaht.

When Grandparents Need to Say No

They love to say yes, but sometimes need to say no. These hints and scripts will help grandparents when they have to decline a request from a child.

How to Manage Grandchildren and Electronic Media

Reduce the time that your grandchildren spend with electronics while they are visiting you. Here's how to replace screen time with more meaningful play.

Bubbe, Mimi & Gigi: The Best Grandmother Name Book Ever

It's quirky, not scholarly, but most grandparents will enjoy browsing through this book of grandmother names, featuring some for grandfathers, too.

What Not to Make With Your Grandchildren

Unless you love a mess, take a pass on these activities sometimes suggested for grandparents and grandchildren (although the last two aren't too bad).

Themed Visits With Grandchildren

If you want to make a visit with grandchildren special, consider a theme. Movie nights, themed meals and sleepovers with a twist are loads of fun.

5 Things Grandparents Must Know to Keep Grandchildren Safe

Grandparents must be informed about these five little-known hazards that can put grandchildren at risk.

Seven Habits That Grandparents May Need to Break

Being an indulgent grandparent isn't always best. Break these seven grandparenting habits. Parents will appreciate you more if you spoil less.

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