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FAQs About Travel Teams

Grandparents who grew up with sandlot ball may have trouble understanding the fuss about travel teams. Here's what you need to know. Photo © Dan Brooks

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Fusible Bead Projects for Grandchildren

Looking for a creative activity for the grandchildren? Fusible beads are great fun. Grandparents can supervise and do the final ironing step.

3 Money Mistakes That Grandparents Make With Adult Children

When adult children have financial difficulty, grandparents often want to help, but they should avoid these three money mistakes.

7 Things Grandparents Would Like to Say to Parents

Wise grandparents may not ever say these things, but they would probably like to say some of these seven things to the parents of their grandchildren.

Robot Turtles: The Game for Little Programmers!

Can a board game teach kids to code? Dan Shapiro says yes, and Robot Turtles is Exhibit A. Now available from ThinkFun, Robot Turtles is a hot new STEM toy.

How the Generations Differ About Money

Economic stress may cause generational conflict, but it can be avoided if family members have empathy for the particular stresses faced by others.

6 Things You May Not Know About Grandparents' Rights

When it comes to grandparents' rights, what you don't know can hurt you. Find out six things you may not know about a grandparent's legal rights.

Gift Ideas for Grandchildren: Whose Job Is It?

It can be hard to come up with ideas for gifts for grandchildren, and parents may dislike doing it for you.These gift-giving hacks make it easier.

Six Cheap but Creative Ways to Have Fun

Spending time with grandchildren can be costly, but not when you choose one of these six kinds of cheap fun.

Dealing With Grandparent Death

A grandparent death may be a child's first encounter with loss. Children dealing with death need the support of understanding adults, including the other grandparents.

Grandkids Say the Darndest Things!

Grandchildren have some great lines. On-the-ball grandparents write them down so they can be enjoyed another day.

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