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The Gift of a Poem

A grandchild's gift of freshly picked dandelions would be rated as priceless by most grandparents.

Our grandchildren give us so much. Why not give them a poem? It is National Poetry Month. Photo © Nana Jo

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Grand Photo of the Week: Multigenerational Games

Wednesday April 23, 2014

grandson playing washers

It's a tradition at our family reunions to have a few rousing rounds of washers. The hall that we rent has washer pits, but washers can be played in any area of relatively clear ground. All you have to do is dig a little pit or sink a can into the dirt. Just be sure that the grandkids know that they shouldn't dig pits in Grandpa's lawn.

It's always a challenge to find a good multigenerational game, one where superior age or strength doesn't always translate into a win. Washers is one, along with bocce, croquet and ladder ball.

Many indoor games are suitable or adaptable for multiple generations, too. Last weekend we enjoyed playing Bananagrams. One of my teen grandchildren was the clear champion, so age isn't always an advantage.

What games have you found that work with all generations? Leave a comment below.

Photo S. Adcox

Video Memoirs Make Reunions Special

Tuesday April 22, 2014

Our family reunion last weekend couldn't have been much better. Everyone contributed to the food and fun, but I have to give one nephew a special shout-out. Last year he did video interviews with each family member, and this year he showed us some of the edited footage. The interviews centered on our memories of the family matriarch and patriarch, my husband's parents, who have passed on. That's where the tears came in.

If you are having a family reunion, I highly recommend trying to make a video record. You may have a family member who is adept at this kind of thing. If you don't, there are companies that specialize in facilitating video memoirs.


Hillary Clinton's Grandmother Status Should Be Irrelevant

Monday April 21, 2014

Hillary Clinton grandmotherIn the wake of Chelsea Clinton's announcement that she and her husband are expecting, I'm thrilled for Hillary Clinton, who has been openly hungry for grandchildren almost ever since Chelsea married in 2010. But I'm a little nonplussed by some of the commentary surrounding the announcement. Jodi Kantor of the New York Times asks, "How will the public view the prospect of a grandmother presidential candidate ... ? Does the word "grandmother" connote authority, durability and wisdom, or a less-flattering set of associations?"

Besides the obvious point that many of our office-holders are grandfathers, grandmothers from Sarah Palin to Nancy Pelosi have managed to mix politics and grandmothering. I used to get Christmas cards from Ann Richards -- the mass-mailed type, not personal ones -- and they depicted her surrounded by a gaggle of grandchildren. To suggest that the public can't accept a grandmother in public office is as insulting to the public as it is to the grandmother.

Possibly the prospect of being a grandmother will dull Clinton's desire for public office, but that's a different question. Every politician has to decide at some point between the pull of public life and the quieter delights of being a private citizen. A Clinton grandchild may complicate that decision, but to the voting public, the grandchild should be irrelevant.

Photo Johannes Simon | Getty Images News

Grand Photo of the Week: Egg-stra Fun

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Easter Eggs Homestuck trolls

Easter doesn't always mean bunnies and chicks. This anime fan based her eggs on the twelve trolls from the webcomic Homestuck. If that sentence means nothing to you, don't worry. It means nothing to the majority of grandparents.

If you'd prefer a more traditional Easter, check out these Easter egg games. And if you would like to give your grandchildren something that's neither chocolate nor a bunny, take a look at this list of Easter gifts for grandchildren.

Photo S. Adcox

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