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Sneaky Sprinkler: A Wet and Wonderful Water Game

A Summer Pastime to Cool Off the Kids


Boy plays in sprinkler
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You don't need a pool or water slide for summer fun. All you need is a yardful of kids, a lawn sprinkler and someone to man the water faucet. You have everything you need for Sneaky Sprinkler!


Sneaky Sprinkler is fun for kids of all ages.

Where to Play

A thirsty lawn is perfect for Sneaky Sprinkler.

How to Play

One person is designated as "it" and controls the water faucet. Kids should be dressed in swimsuits or old play clothes. The children cavort around the water sprinkler. When "it" turns on the sprinkler, everyone must freeze and get sprinkled on until "it" turns the water off. The last person to move gets to be "it."


If the children are very young, an adult may have to man the faucet.

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