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52 Activities to Share With Your Grandchild

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This 52-card activity pack could be a grandparent's ace in the hole.

This 52-card activity pack, 52 Activities to Share With Your Grandchild, could be a grandparent's ace in the hole.

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The Bottom Line

Perhaps you just learned that the grandkids are coming over, and you need a quick activity. There's no time to browse the Internet or read that grandparenting book that you just bought. Oh, but there is time to check out flip through a deck of cards. 52 Activities to Share With Your Grandchild is an activity pack that could rescue you when a grandchild asks, "What are we going to do next?"
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  • Excellent activities
  • Succinct but easily followed directions


  • Not many activities for younger and older grandchildren


  • 52 creative, original ideas, one per card
  • Cards are heavy, glossy cardboard for long wear
  • Each card contains an activity plus hints to make it successful
  • Colorful cards with lively motifs and simple illustrations
  • By Lynn Gordon and Diane Thistle-Tremblay
  • Illustrations by Karen Johnson
  • One of a series of 46 card decks organized around themes

Guide Review - 52 Activities to Share With Your Grandchild

This user-friendly deck of cards features a wide variety of activities:

  • Places to go
  • Foods to prepare
  • Paper-and-pen activities
  • Crafts
  • Outdoor fun

The real strength of this activity pack, other than its convenience, is in the interesting variations they have devised for everyday activities. Enjoy watching movies with your grandchildren? Have a theme party, with foods and activities that go along with the movie. Have a grandchild far away who is not yet a prolific reader? Send rebus letters that combine words and pictures, for ease of reading and extra fun.

I'm a veteran of many, many books and programs about things to do with grandchildren, but I found some ideas that were new to me. Still, the great charm of this activity pack is having ideas literally at your fingertips. In fact, I'm impressed enough that I'm going to check out the other card decks offered by Chronicle Books. 52 Things to Try Once in Your Life sounds perfect for a grandma!

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