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No one said that grandparenting would be all fun. Special challenges must be met by stepgrandparents, long-distance grandparents and grandparents raising grandchildren. Gift-giving and other financial matters can also be hot-button issues.
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  2. Family Conflicts and Crises
  3. Long-Distance Grandparenting
  4. Grandparents and Child Care
  5. Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
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  2. Stepgrandparenting
  3. Physical and Mental Fitness
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Grandparent Visitation Rights

Do grandparents have an inherent right to see their grandchildren? The short answer is no. Although every state has a statute governing grandparent visitation rights, the U.S. Supreme Court case of Troxel v. Granville gives fit parents the right to allow or disallow visitation.

Family Conflicts and Crises

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All families have conflicts, some minor and some serious. Learning to see things from the point of view of other family members is key. Good communication skills are vital. Grandparents also must realize that their seniority in the family doesn't grant them license to make decisions for others.

Long-Distance Grandparenting

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With many families separated by hundreds and even thousands of miles, the maintaining of close family relationships becomes problematical. Many long-distance grandparents have found ways to remain close to their grandchildren in spite of the miles, especially through the use of technology.

Grandparents and Child Care

Grandparents and Child Care

Lots of grandparents today provide child care for their grandchildren. Sometimes they are occasional babysitters, and sometimes they provide regular care for working parents. Here are issues to consider before making a commitment to be a child care provider, as well as hints to make those occasional babysitting gigs go more smoothly.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren

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It's not a new phenomenon, but statistics suggest that grandparents are raising grandchildren in ever growing numbers. Legal issues and financial strain top the list of hot issues for this group, but the emotional health and social needs of both the grandparents and grandchildren must also be considered.

Ages and Stages

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Babies are precious, but older grandchildren bring their own delights and their own challenges. Whether your grandchildren are infants or teens, you'll benefit from these insights into what makes them tick. Read on to discover special activities for each age and stage.


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The most common way of becoming a stepgrandparent is through a child who becomes a stepparent. You may also become a stepgrandparent by marrying someone with grandchildren. Being part of a blended family can give rise to special issues, especially in the areas of money and gifts.

Physical and Mental Fitness

Grandparenting is much easier and more fun when physical and mental fitness is optimized. If you're not sure how to go about beginning a workout program, or what to do about your increasing forgetfulness, we have suggestions and links for you.

Financial Issues

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Grandparents who are in a position to help their children and grandchildren financially need to make smart decisions. Helping to pay for college for their grandchildren is the dream of many grandparents, but it's not the right decision for many.

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