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Favorite Grandparent Blog: About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012


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Winner! FabGrandma
Grandparenting, RVing, sewing and gluten-free living are all covered by FabGrandma in her blog.

It's much more than a family blog! FabGrandma deals with RVing, sewing and gluten-free living.

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Web Address:
Written By:
Karen Eidson
Blogging History:
Since September 2006
Primary Focuses:
Grandchildren, sewing, RVing, working in national and state parks and gluten-free living

"Why I Blog"
"I started blogging as a way to let my daughter-in-law, who is from England, get to know our family before she moved to the States with my son. However, my blog took on a life of its own and now gives me a creative outlet for telling the world way too much about me. I write about living full-time in an RV, eating a gluten-free diet, sewing things for my children and grandchildren, coping with my various medical conditions, my husband's surviving oral cancer, and of course, sometimes I blog about my grandchildren. I write about the good times and the bad, and because I have gotten emails from people asking questions about various things I have written about, I like to think that my blog is useful, too." (Via email. Read more, including advice for bloggers)

Guide's Comments
FabGrandma's loyal readership is composed of several constituencies: RVers, celiac disease sufferers, sewing and quilting enthusiasts, and, of course, grandparents. Part of the fun of visiting FabGrandma is that you never know what you will find. Another plus is that FabGrandma's authentic voice makes you feel that you really know her, and FabGrandpa, too.

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