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Games for Grandparents to Play With Grandchildren

A traditional activity for grandparents and grandchildren is playing games. Whether it is the latest electronic version of a classic board game, a brand new game, or a simple game of cards, both young and old will enjoy gameplaying.

Board Games for Kids
Toy stores feature dozens of board games and it's hard to know the winners from the losers. These favorite children's board games are all winners..

Flip and Slap: You Just Made a Slamwich!
Slamwich is played with a deck of cards shaped like slices of bread. Each card depicts a sandwich ingredient. Players have to watch for ingredients repeated twice in a row, or with only one other ingredient between. Then they have to slam the Slamwich!

Try Bananagrams, One of the Coolest Kids Word Games Ever
Fast-moving and fun, Bananagrams is one of the best kids word games to hit the market. It's portable, cool-looking and easy to score. It also lends itself to many variations.

Catch Phrase Game Rewards Fast Talkers
Great games for families should be suitable for a wide age range, fast-paced but not too competitive. Catch phrase by Hasbro meets these specs and provides an agreeable dose of laughter as well, as teams of players try to beat the buzzer.

Apples to Apples Will Enliven Family Gatherings
Looking for a fast-moving game that's fun for the family? Try Apples to Apples, a party game suitable for children 12 or younger and their parents and grandparents as well.

Board Game for Kids - Monopoly Junior
Grandparents should enjoy playing Monopoly Junior with their grandchildren. This junior version of the classic board game features simplified rules which reduce the length of the game. It gives kids practice in counting and math, teaches the importance of taking turns and of graceful losing, and provides an even playing field between...

Hasbro's Pretty Pretty Princess Board Game for Kids
Hasbro's Pretty Pretty Princess is a well-designed board game for ages 5 and up. Players use a spinner to move around a board that is fitted around a round jewelry box. By landing on squares, they are entitled to pick out earrings, necklaces, and bracelets from the jewelry box, as well earning the much-coveted crown. But they must beware of the...

Best and Worst Games to Play With Grandkids
Tell other grandparents about the best and worst games to play with grandkids. Which ones were great, which were terrible, and which ones are somewhere in between? See submissions

Don't Make Me Laugh Jr.: A Kids' Board Game That's Pure Fun
If you're looking for a kids' board game that emphasizes fun over competition, pick up Don't Make Me Laugh Jr. Players do move their tokens around the board, but chances are that they will focus more on how Grandpa had to walk like a model, or that Grandma had to wear the clown nose.

Dweebies: A Fun Family Card Game from Gamewright
Dweebies is a fun family card game from Gamewright that doesn't require reading but does encourage thinking.

Uglydoll Card Game
The popularity of the Uglydoll has sparked a number of related products. One of the most fun for young children and grandchildren is the Uglydoll Card Game by Gamewright.

Search for Longbeard's Treasure: A Treasure Hunt Game from GrandCamp Adventures
If you've ever made a treasure hunt game for grandkids, you know that it's great fun for them but a lot of work for you. With the Search for Longbeard's Treasure, GrandCamp Adventures has done the work for you, so you can share in the fun.

Shake It Up: A Family Handshake Game from GrandCamp Adventures
This ingeniously designed handshake game actually has several functions. It can be played as a game, put together as a puzzle or used to develop a secret family handshake. It ties in with other products from GrandCamp Adventures to create a seamless family bonding experience.

Melissa and Doug Shut the Box Game Boosts Math Skills
Playing with a Shut the Box Game will boost grandchildren's math skills. It's fast-paced and fun. The grandkids will enjoy manipulating the wooden box with tiles and hoping that they get to shut the box!

The Settlers of Catan Board Game
If you're looking for a game to play with older grandchildren, consider The Settlers of Catan. A board game that requires strategy, negotiating skills and luck, The Settlers of Catan lends itself to repeated play and won't be outgrown quickly.

Synonyms Board Game
If you have older grandchildren, the board game Synonyms will enhance their vocabulary skills. Described as "The word game that gets your mind racing," Synonyms is fast-paced and fun.

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