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Sharing Your Love of Cooking With Your Grandchildren

Preparing food for someone is a time-honored way of showing your love, but isn't it even more loving to show someone how to make the food? Most grandchildren love to be in grandma and grandpa's kitchen; shouldn't they be learning something instead of just waiting for the cookies to come out of the oven?

Kitchen Safety While Learning How to Bake
Teach the grandchildren how to bake and teach kitchen safety at the same time. Baking is is safer than stove-top cooking so is a good place to start.

Favorite Cookie Recipes to Bake With Grandchildren
These favorite cookie recipes come complete with a bit of history, making them perfect to bake with grandchildren. Chances are that they are a part of your culinary family history, too.

Lidia Bastianich Recipes Featured in Nonna Tell Me a Story - Children's Book...
Award-winning chef Lidia Bastianich has created a delightful combination cookbook and children's book for Christmas. Nonna Tell Me a Story features Bastianich telling her grandchildren how she celebrated Christmas in Italy as a young girl. Grandparents and grandchildren will enjoy the narrative and the Lidia Bastianich recipes featured in this...

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