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Review of Super Granny

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Review of Super Granny
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The Bottom Line

If you've ever needed grandparenting inspiration, meet Super Granny! This book by Sally Wendkos Olds is subtitled "Great Stuff to do With Your Grandkids," and it lives up to its title. It is a compilation of stories from real-life grandparents about what they do with their grandchildren. These are not traditional grandmothers. Yes, there is a chapter on knitting, but there is also one on skiing, one on using email and another on taking your grandchild to a demonstration, and I don't mean a cooking demonstration!

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  • Wonderful stories
  • Well-organized
  • Genuinely helpful information
  • Great cover art
  • Informative resources in the back


  • Grandfathers are mostly left out


  • Hardcover with jacket
  • 75 activities
  • 220 pages
  • $14.95 list price
  • From Sterling Publishing

Guide Review - Review of Super Granny


"Who is the Super Granny?" This book poses the question and then answers it by saying, "You are!" Super Granny is the modern grandmother who may not own an apron, but who is likely to own "a computer, a PDA, a cell phone, a mountain bike,or a tennis racket." Sure enough, the book features one story about going on a Segway tour and another about creating photo books on a computer. The traditional arts are also well-represented, however, with chapters about baking, sewing and knitting. It's not just the activities that are valuable; it's meeting the remarkable grandparents who contributed their ideas and their stories.

The book is nicely organized, with sections for grandchildren in all ages and stages. The sections cover infancy to 3, from 3 to 6, from 6 to 11, and finally from 12 to 18. Each vignette begins with a description of a real-life grandmother and something she does with her grandchildren. The vignette is followed by a more detailed description of how to carry out the activity. Olds also uses icons at the top of each chapter to indicate the expense of the activity, the type of activity it is, and so on. As far as I am concerned, she needn't have bothered with the icons. I read every single chapter, no matter if it was tagged as being super expensive or super high energy!

Here are just a few of the ideas I plan to use with my grands:

  • Have all the grandkids stay for a week in the summer for Grandma Camp
  • Plan a Grandparents Day program at a grandchild's school
  • Make garden ornaments from hypertufa
  • Turn the grandkids' art into a set of melamine tableware
  • Go on an overnight river rafting trip
  • Do volunteer work with grandkids
  • Have a Jewish friend teach them about Jewish foods and traditions

The only fault I could find with the book is that it mostly leaves out all of those wonderful involved grandfathers, but that's just a good excuse for Olds to write another book. And then Super Granny the Sequel!

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