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Grandparent Blogs

This list of grandparent blogs is sure to contain one that will interest you. If you're a grandparent blogger, your blog may be eligible to be listed here.

Grandma's Briefs
Share the adventures of a first-time, long-distance grandma, navigating the growing-into-grandparenting stage while still being a strong "mom" presence for three adult daughters. Also read what inspired Lisa to create her blog.

Fools Rush In
Granny Annie admits that she may write more about farm animals than she does about her grandchildren, but her grandchildren do make frequent appearances, and her blog is always entertaining. In addition, she has a large "stable" of commenters whom she engages with provocative questions. Do drop in!

Life in Amaraland
With the arrival of their first grandchild, Amara, the backyard of Grandma Kc and Grandpa Richard became Amaraland, a place to play and pretend. Grandma Kc created this blog to document the delightful changes in their lives once Amaraland became part of the landscape.

What Happens at Grandma's
You won't believe the cute goings-on over at J's, where Grandma organizes family carnivals, cookie baking parties and puppet shows. The primary players are the three grandkids who, believe it or not, share the same birthday. Twins are involved. If you don't stop by J's blog, you'll never find out about the cool events, because what happens at Grandma's. . . .

GaGa Sisterhood
The GaGa Sisterhood is a social network "where grandmas bond, brag and benefit." Founder Donne Davis started the GaGas after the birth of her first grandchild, when she went "completely gaga." The blog addresses the joys and the challenges of grandmothering. Donne also has advice to share about becoming a "go-to" grandma.

Gwen, the blogger who plays around at Play-Grand, refuses the title of writer, but to no avail. She's a talented wordsmith who has great fun with life and with her grandchildren. You'll always find something inspiring, amusing or thought-provoking at Play-Grand. She also has some interesting insights about blogging.

When I heard Debra's claim that her grandson was "the most documented baby on Facebook," I was skeptical. But she does have the cutest pictures, along with recipes, book recommendations and lots more. Her tagline is "Ordinary daily life often made extraordinary by grandchildren." I think most grandparents can relate.

Oh, Mrs. Tucker
Known as OMT for short, this blog is not for the faint of heart. If you're a rocking chair kind of grandparent, keep on rocking. If you're up for something a little edgy, stop in. Lots of product reviews, recipes and plain talk about life after grandchildren.

A is for Aging, B is for Books...
Lindsey McDivitt is on a crusade, promoting children's books that depict aging in a positive way. If you are looking for books that show grandparents as active, vital and intelligent, check out the reviews at A is for Aging. Besides reviews, McDivitt's site has other information about generational issues.

New Grandmas Rock!
"That was then. This is now." Carol Covin introduces her blog with these words of warning, letting her readers know that there's more than cookie-baking going on in new grandmas' lives. Covin, the author of Who Gets to Name Grandma, posts on topics ranging from food to games to genealogy.

Parenting Grown Children: What Dr. Spock Forgot to Tell Us
Still active in her publishing career, writer and editor Penelope Lemov blogs about the challenges of dealing with adult children. Her pieces bear titles like "The Big Hurt" and "Skype Me Up, Scottie." You'll sometimes laugh, but you'll learn.

"Grab a book. Grab a grandchild," directs Belinda Brock, who helms this blog dedicated to connecting with grandchildren through books. Brock touches on games, movies and celebrations, but always makes a connection to literature.

Mondays With Mimi
The subtitle of this blog says it all: "Oh, the Sweet Life of Being a Grandma!" Mimi is the grandmother of two, and her posts are sometimes humorous and sometimes inspirational but almost always about grandparenting.

Square Sunshine
Subtitled, "Thoughts and Observations of a Grandfather," this blog features high-quality poetry and photographs, as well as anecdotes and meditations about grandparenting. A grandfather to three girls, including a set of twins, Martin H. posts his blogs from the UK.

Mimi Is My Grandmother Name
Mimi lives at Wolf House with Grandpa. Frequently figuring in her blog posts are her children--Deedle, Froppie and Honey-Mu--and her grandsons, who are designated by numbers indicating their ages at the time the blog posts were written. If it all sounds a little quirky but interesting, you've got the right idea.

Free Ranging Chickens and Grandchildren
Animals and grandchildren do best when they have room to roam, and Gramerly provides that open space for both the chickens she raises and the children she grandparents. She also runs a unique kind of Grandma Camp called Playdate.

Adventures in Juggling
Laura is a grandmother, a mother and a nurse in a neonatal intensive care unit. She's also an advocate for prematurity awareness and adoption. Younger and edgier than the typical grandmother, Laura invites you to enter her "big top" at your own risk! (I think you'll love it.)

Boomer Grandparents
If you're interested in products, websites and apps that will make you a super-cool grandparent, Boomer Grandparents is a blog that will suit you to a G. Mimi shares stories, cute grandchild quotes and product reviews in a blogging package that is attractive and readable.

Grandma's Ideas
This blog's full title is "Grandma's Ideas: Fun Things to Do With Grandchildren," and it fulfills its promise. The author is Nina Lewis, and you'll enjoy her humor. Read why she blogs.

With Teresa Bell Kindred at the helm this website offers lots of guidance for the grandmothering years. I really like the subtitle: The Second Half of the Mothering Journey.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Karen Best Wright writes about the seven-year period during which she and her husband were parents to two granddaughters. The granddaughters have gone back to their mother, but Karen continues to share her expertise and her experiences.

Googie's Attic
A retired writing instructor, Googie's interests range from beanie babies to line dancing, but her grandchildren, Sooby and Pooh, outrank everything else. Her blog posts are creative, often humorous, takes on the grandparenting scene.

Amma Ponders
A new grandmother with a penchant for spiritual quests, Robin Dorko began this blog as a legacy for her granddaughter. Read blogging advice from Robin.

Confessions of a Grandma
A retired educator, Olga has two grandchildren. She blogs about family, knitting and everyday life. You may not find any racy confessions, but you will find lots to relate to.

Grandmother Power
Paola Gianturco has documented the work of grandmothers around the world who are working to create a better future for grandchildren everywhere -- and succeeding. A grandmother and a photojournalist, Paola's blog tells inspiring stories about the unheralded, important work that grandmothers are doing, collaborating across town and across oceans, all motivated by the conviction that "Our troubled world is not yet good enough for my grandchildren!"

Grandparent Options
After a career working with families, Jan Baer retired and then found that she missed her work. This blog, with an emphasis on common sense family solutions, is Jan's way of continuing to make a difference. With a master's in educational psychology, she is better qualified than most to give advice.

Grandparenting With a Purpose
With over 50 years experience in church ministry, Lillian Ann Penner naturally wanted to reach out to grandparents. She has done so through this blog and a book, Grandparenting With a Purpose: Effective Ways to Pray for Your Grandchildren.

A Grandparent's Voice
Writer Pamela Loxley Drake writes about being a mother, grandmother, writer and woman in the twenty-first century. Read her advice about finding your voice.

Family Home and Life
As the name suggests, Connie's blog is a treasure trove for the traditional grandmother who enjoys cooking, sewing, needlework and crafts. As a bonus, Connie shows us how to do it all frugally. If you stop by on a Saturday, you can participate in Grandparent's Say It Saturday, a link party allowing other bloggers to post links to their grandparenting posts.

FabGrandma lives the good life in an RV. She eats gluten free and loves to sew and quilt. She and FabGrandpa are seasonal workers for the National Park Service. Read her blogging advice.

The Grandma Chronicles
Marion Conway alternates toy reviews with personal stories in the blog she began in 2009. She's new to the business of being a grandmother. Share her insights as she grows into the job.

The Urbane Grandmother
The Urbane Grandmother is your travel guide to creating lasting memories with your grandchildren in San Francisco and beyond. As an urbane (and urban) grandmother, Karletta Moniz created the blog to share her family’s San Francisco. But this site isn’t just about the kids. When you’re done grandparenting for the day, she will lead you to places where you can enjoy classic San Francisco and a cocktail or two. Download her free "SF with Kids” app from iTunes via the blog.

Things My Grandkids Should Know
Axiesdad began his blog in response to a request from a son, a request for a letter to his grandkids that would tell them about him, their grandfather, and also impart life lessons. The result is one part reminiscence and one part philosophy, with a bit of poetry tossed in.

Oma is a retired stay-at-home mom of seven kids and traveling grandma to 20 grandchildren all around the country. Oma writes about travel, books, writing, being a long-distance grandmother and living happily ever after. Her specialty, she says, is remembering.

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