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Should Grandparents-to-Be Take a Grandparenting Class?


Question: Should Grandparents-to-Be Take a Grandparenting Class?
Perhaps you feel that your experience as a parent means that you don't need to prepare for your grandparenting role, but things have changed in the last few decades. Still, you may be wondering: Have things changed so much that grandparents-to-be should go to grandparenting school?

Instead of asking why take a grandparenting class, ask yourself why not? If classes are offered in your area, consider yourself lucky and sign up. Classes are inexpensive, ranging from free to around $60, and they typically last only a couple of hours. You'll be certain to pick up some new information, and you'll send the parents-to-be the message that you are serious about being a good grandparent.

Here's what a grandparenting class is likely to cover:

  • What has changed in prenatal care and delivery
  • What has changed in child care
  • What grandparents need to know to keep their grandchildren safe
  • How to support the parents and accept their decisions.
Some classes include an option to take child CPR, and some include instruction in infant massage. Some will provide information about new developments in baby gear. All in all, taking a grandparenting class provides a measure of ease for those who have been out of the baby business for a while.
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