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Ethnic Names for Grandmothers and Grandmother Names in Other Countries

No Matter What Your Background, You May Like These Grandmother Names


Grandmother and grandson reading storybook in bed

Grandmothers usually choose names that reflect the role they expect to play.

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Modern grandmothers are expanding their roles and selecting varied names for themselves. There are lots of Omas who aren't German and many Lolas who aren't Filipino. If you like the sound of one of these ethnic names or a grandmother name from another country, you should feel free to select it, although it's a good idea to discuss whatever name you choose with the parents of your grandchild first.

Many of these names appear in several variations and spellings. Click on the links for more detailed information, sometimes including a link to an audio file.

If you are still undecided about what grandmother name suits you, take this grandmother name quiz. You'll learn more about your grandmothering style and perhaps find just the perfect name!

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