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Quotations and Poems About Grandparents

If you are looking for a grandparent quotation for your Facebook page or something fun to send to a grandparent friend, check out these selections. These poems and quotations about grandparents are are also fun to read.

Poems About Grandparents
Enjoy these poems celebrating grandparents. One or more will probably remind you of a grandparent you loved.

Grandparent Poems
These grandparent poems cover many aspects of the grandparenting experience, including the many roles that a grandparent may fill.

Classic Quotations About Grandmothers
Authors of the classics have not neglected the topic of grandmothers. These classic quotations about grandmothers capture the heart of the relationship between grandmothers and grandchildren.

Funny Grandma Quotes
Comedians and humor writers show us the light side of grandmothers with these funny grandma quotes.

Grandmother Quotations by Unknown Authors
Tracking down who to credit for these sayings may be next to impossible, but we can still enjoy these grandmother quotations by unknown authors.

Grandmother Quotes From Favorite Books About Grandmothering
Check out these grandmother quotes from our favorite books about grandmothering, written, of course, by some of our favorite grandparents.

Quotes for Mother's Day About Grandmothers
Looking for cool quotes about grandmothers for Mother's Day? Use these to make your own greeting cards, or post one on Facebook or Twitter.

Grandparent Quotations
Everyone who has been a grandparent, or been touched by one, has opinions about grandparenting. These grandparent quotations capture the many sides of grandparenting.

Grandfather Quotations
How does one define a grandfather? These grandfather quotations aim to answer that question. If you are a grandpa or know a grandpa you're bound to recognize some of these characteristics.

Quotes About Grandchildren
There aren't enough superlatives in the dictionary to describe how we feel about our grandchildren, but sometimes someone manages to almost get it right. Enjoy these quotes about grandchildren.

Quotations About Grandparents
Looking for a laugh or something to make you think? This collection of quotations about grandparents is divided for ease in searching.

Grandparent Quotations
Grandmothers are often the driving forces in families, as shown by this quotation by Victor Hugo.

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