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Readers Respond: Grandparents Denied Contact With Grandchildren Share Their Strategies

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Won't Respond to Communications

My son finally recognized that his girlfriend was isolating him from his family and friends. I'm disabled, so I have been available to keep our little guy for them almost daily. So my son was here daily and realized how much time had been wasted by her manipulation and control. The entire time he was here she called and called and texted and texted. Even if she was at work, she wanted to know where he was every minute of the day. Well he got fed up with her being so overbearing and cold toward him and us. He has left the relationship -- I don't know for how long this time -- and now she will not communicate at all with him about seeing the baby. She took his phone so all the jobs he had applied for can't get in touch with him. We are worried that she will keep the baby from us unless my son returns to that unhealthy relationship. This happened last night, and I already have a knot in my stomach. I told my son I'm not going to take sides because it was his realization that brought us to this point. So now what do we do?
—Guest devastatedmimi

Fighting Between Son and GF

I've made many posts here. The last one was in March. We have been regularly seeing our guy, and he makes us so happy. One of the issues my son's girlfriend had was that she and I didn't have a close relationship. So I tried, very hard. My son has been like the rest of the country, unable to find permanent work. He works temp job after temp job, but none of them keep their temps long enough to hire. He went to work on a Tuesday, and they told him they didn't have any more work and would call him when they did. His girlfriend came to the house immediately after she got off work and came into MY home and badgered him until he finally got up and went into the kitchen. She followed him in and said, "What's wrong with you? Do you want to be a bum the rest of your life?" That was it. I didn't want to know her any more than I already did. I told them the last time that their problems are their problems. Our relationship with him has nothing to do with whether they're getting along or not. Pins and needles once again.
—Guest devastatedmimi

Sons Ex-girlfriend Keeps Grandkids Away

My son's ex can't get over the breakup and uses the kids to get back at my son. It has been over a year. He has moved on. She blames his whole family. She wants me to disown him. She wants me to tell him to go back to her. He's almost 35. She wants the family to take sides. We tell her that's between them. We're here for her if she needs anything, but the kids are who we are concerned with, showing them love and keeping their lives as stable as possible. I had her as a Facebook friend, and all she ever did was talk bad about my son. So today I blocked her. I should have done it months ago. What can I do? He is a good dad. I kept her as a friend to have some contact with the kids, but I can't read the negativity about my son and my family anymore. I feel drained dealing with this. I just want to love my babies. If she had been the one who said enough, would she be acting like she is? I wonder if I will leave this world and they won't remember me.
—Guest saf


It's been 15-and-a-half years since I saw my grandson. I was there when he was born. I cut the cord and helped my daughter raise him for the first two-and-a-half years. Then, enter the father, who brainwashed my daughter and took them away. He threatened to kill me, and every time I tried to see my precious grandson, the police were called. I am very ill but still pray every day for my prayers to be answered and I will see him and my daughter before I die. My prayers and love for them keep me alive. My prayers and love go out to all grandparents who are in this situation. Keep your faith. Miracles do happen.
—Guest Maureen McGlynn

Sad and Broken Grandmother

I have tried for the past 2 years to visit my granddaughter. The first time I saw her was February 2014. After that my ex-daughter law and I had some disagreements. She refuses me visitations with granddaughter. Also I have sent her an apology letter requesting visitations. Nothing works. I have cried, heartbroken. Due to the fact that I cannot afford an attorney, she uses my granddaughter like a weapon against me. On my first visit with my granddaughter, the only thing seen was abuse from the ex-mother law to my granddaughter. I was trying to protect my granddaughter's welfare and well-being. Every day I pray Lord, give me a chance to be in my granddaughter's life. But sad, the mother of my granddaughter stated no, stay away. Due to highly priced attorneys I cannot afford them at all.
—Guest amigaliz

Emotional Blackmail

Oh, I am so angry! It has been nearly six months since I saw my precious grandson. How can these adult children be so hurtful? My daughter knows that my grandson is her only power, and she uses it. It is criminal and pathetic. I must say I don't miss the eggshell walk, but I sure do miss him every single day.


My daughter just had a baby boy June 18. She and her husband will not let me see my grandson. They told me to leave them alone. I am trying to reach out to her, but she lets her husband control her. He said if I come to their house, he will have me arrested for trying to see my grandson. As much I have done for her and her husband -- let her stay with me, paid for food and paid for a motel because they didn't have a place to go. It cost me $390 plus more. So can I get the law involved or take them to court?
—Guest cythia

Sad, Heartbroken

I helped bring my grandson into the world and spent every day of his life caring for him for over 3 years. My daughter has a mean streak, but she's a good person inside. She met a guy off the Internet. He cared nothing about the baby. Only to get them away, he did! In two months he had her gone! I never see my grandson anymore. It's worse than death! Every day I worry, cry, feel empty. Although I have found some peace with my other children, this has hurt all of us and mostly my grandson. Whenever she came back to get him when he stayed overnight, he would sob, beg, and plead -- "No go, mama! Please, grama, I stay here!" I love him so much! I love her too! I pray they come home someday, but now the guy has full control. And she's pregnant! Bad situation. Grandson's father is not involved at all. I always try to send a message to let her know I love them. No matter what!
—Guest sheryl meissner

All I Can Do Is Hope....

Long story made short. My daughter signed over rights to my grandson's dad. He died. Stepmom adopted him. They moved out of state. She does keep us in the loop, and we have visitation when we travel to that state. Recently we went to see him and she criticized every little thing I did with him. On our next visit to the state, I will have limited visitation. I appreciate everything she does for him, but it tears me up that she can say in a minute that I can't see him anymore. I understand I no longer have grandparents' rights, but it just frustrates me. She contacts me, and I feel so criticized and then worry I won't see him again.

Success Story

Hi, there I would like to share my success story of being an estranged grandma. Mine involved a conflict with my daughter nearly 3 years ago now. I ended up taking my daughter and son-in-law to court and won. I would love to set up a meeting group to help all grandmas who are going through this dreadful experience. Please feel free to contact me.
—Guest amawilliams@gmail.com

Cut Out Over a Lawnmower

Our son-in-law has cut us off from seeing our grandkids over a lawnmower. We bought this lawnmower for our home due to a very large lawn, He wanted us to let him use it to make money. We let him use it for one yard, and then he thought it was his. When we would ask for it back so that we could mow our yard, he would tell us, well I don't have time to come home and get it, or I will come over and mow it for you (at dark so it looks bad after he is done). We had finally had enough, so my husband told him to bring it home. He brought it home along with our trailer, our granddaughter's new bed we had just gotten her for her birthday the day before, and everything my husband has made for her in the past. Our son-in-law told us that he didn't need anything that we had and left. Our daughter called and told us that we can't see the kids any more. This is so stupid. We are so angry and hurt. I just don't know what to do. I can't believe my daughter is letting him do this to us.
—Guest leslie

Guest Grandmother

My daughter has three beautiful children. She and her three children (my grandchildren) had lived with me since the youngest, Nicholas, was born in 2005. After I was in a bad accident and my daughter befriended the father of the girl that I hit, my daughter will not permit me to see my grandchildren. My daughter is very evil. She has brainwashed all three of my grandchildren. Also she has taken their savings accounts when she gets low and spends them. I opened savings accounts for all of them after I evicted her from my house. (The grandchildren were not evicted.) She is storming mad because I will not turn the savings accounts control to her. I will not do this. My grandchildren's Christmas presents are still wrapped and unopened in my living room because she is vicious and mean. In March my son and his wife gave me a beautiful grandson whom I do not get to see as much as I would like, only because they live out of state.
—Guest Shirley

My Precious Granddaughter (6 years old)

My grandchild and I bonded the very day we were allowed to meet. I met her when she was 2. Myself and Son were not allowed to be part of her life due to ignorant insecure emotions and nothing more. (Feelings are not facts.) I pray our young parents of these sorry times think long and hard before having children. I say this because, as America can very well see, when young parents break up and there are little human beings involved (through no fault of their own), the children, as we all know, are the first to have sufferings invested in all aspects of their tender beings, resulting in the Merry-Go-Round we see today. When parents are not mature enough and harbor hateful resentments, they breed sad consequences and dysfunctional unhealthy decisions. My grandchild needs my love too. How do I know this? She showed me so.
—Guest Edmy


I have been cut off from my grandchild because I won't allow my young child to be around two drug addicts in the family who have escalated their problems to violence and assaults at family events. The family keeps making excuses for them. My granddaughter was terrorized by the incident, yet when I cut off contact from the relatives causing the problem, my daughter cut off contact with me. The advice "Apologize anyway" probably makes sense in most cases, but wouldn't help in mine. I won't risk my young child's safety because the family continues to enable the addict whose behavior has turned unpredictably violent. I am stunned that my daughter has taken the action she has taken, given that her own child was a victim of this attack. She herself is very young and has been entangled with the addicts, the law and more. I suspect her loyalty comes from substance abuse, not rational decision making. There is no apology to be made for protecting my child from this insanity.
—Guest baffled

Son's Overbearing Wife-Wannabe

They use the children as weapons because there is no way to hurt grandparents other than by banning the grandchildren from them. I hate my son's wife-wannabe so much that I don't want her name in my mouth! She has a screw loose, is abusive mentally, verbally and sometimes physically to my grandson and has been for years! My son has a job that takes him away from home several months out of the year. I may add that she is NOT the mother of my grandson, yet when I call her out on her abuse with my grandson, then there is a big argument and she tries to hide or isolate my grandson from me. (I get along fine with his real mom.) She bullies my grandson behind my son's back. My son doesn't believe me or anyone about the abuse. See, everyone is lying but her! She has called me vulgar names in front of the kids. There is more to the story, of course, but I am seriously considering going to court for visitation / grandparents' rights!
—Guest Dee

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Grandparents Denied Contact With Grandchildren Share Their Strategies

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