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By fabgrandma

FabGrandma - A Blog About Grandparenting, RVing and More

FabGrandma . . Blogs

FabGrandma - A Blog About Grandparenting, RVing and More

Me and FabGrandpa

The Name and Web Address of My Blog


How Long I've Been Blogging and How Often I Post

I have been blogging since 2006, and update at least three times a week.

Why I Decided to Become a Blogger

My son met his wife when he was stationed in England with the Air Force. I wanted her to get to know our family before she came home to the United States with him. The blog has evolved into what it is today, the story of my life living fulltime in an RV, and eating a gluten free diet.

I share stories about things I make for my grandchildren, and of the times we get to visit, but the blog is not limited to any particular subject.

What I've Learned and What Rewards I Have Enjoyed

In the beginning, I thought it would be hard to write something on a regular basis, that I wouldn't have anything interesting to say. Over time, though, there are a number of people who follow my blog and make frequent comments. I have even been recognized in public by a strangers who have asked me "Excuse me, but are you Fabgrandma?"!

For me, the hardest part about blogging is deciding what to keep private, and what to tell the world. I have a rule for myself that if it isn't "my story" I shouldn't blog it. Some family things just shouldn't be told, period. I also don't write about other people unless they know and approve of it. If I take a picture of someone I always ask before publishing it on the internet.

Since becoming a blogger, I have had offers from many sources to write and get paid for it, something I never in a million years would have thought would happen. As a person who failed ninth grade English four times, I am always surprised and amused that other people want to pay me to write.


  • You should write about what you know, in your own "voice". If you are from the south, write "y'all". It will sound more like you.
  • Always proofread what you write. I once wrote a recipe and used an "s insted of a "d" when I wrote "add". Well, you can see what sort of trouble that can cause.
  • Separate your paragraphs with white space. Leave a blank line or two between them. Even if the story is the best one ever, I probably won't read it if it is all scrunched up on the page.
  • Let people know about you new blog: Spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and by commenting on blogs you like to read.

Susan Adcox, About.com Grandparents, says:

Karen's advice for bloggers is excellent! As a former English teacher, I won't read blogs with lots of typos and blatant errors, but I'm a faithful follower of FabGrandma. At the same time, bloggers shouldn't be so afraid of making errors that they lose what Karen calls "voice."

Be sure also to check out Karen's account of being a long-distance grandparent.

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