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Writer Practices Her Craft Through Blogging

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By gwen

Writer Practices Her Craft Through Blogging

Blogging about the grand life

The Name and Web Address of My Blog


How Long I've Been Blogging and How Often I Post

6 months - 2x's weekly

Why I Decided to Become a Blogger

I am a woman made grand by my children's children. Blogging found me and gave me a place to give voice to this woman. I am delighted with my life and am convinced that the women of my generation will change the perception of "Grandmother" from the little old lady in a rocking chair to the vibrant, active, playful women we are.

What I've Learned and What Rewards I Have Enjoyed

Blogging gives clarity and voice to thought, permanent structure to memory and observation, and connects people who find joy in selecting, designing and controlling what fills a page.

Blogging miraculously enters and exits time, releases what is inside aching to get out, is encouraged by grace, tainted by environment, and bolstered by experience.

Blogging risks judgment, casts its creation upon the water, knows not if the fish will bite, or where the boat will go, and has the grandest time doing so.


  • Just do it. You learn, you evolve, you smile, you grow.

Susan Adcox, About.com Grandparents, says:

I'm amazed by Gwen's deft and lyrical prose, and she even throws in an occasional poem. Her blog also features artwork, song clips and, of course, cute grandchild stories. For an introduction to this talented blogger, read "Eggs, Blogs and Jesus" on her About page.

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