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Blog by Liam's Grandma Is Loaded With Humor and Flair

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By Maggie

Blog by Liam's Grandma Is Loaded With Humor and Flair

Liam's Grandma or Maggie in Real Life

The Name and Web Address of My Blog

Liam's Grandma or Maggie in Real Life

How Long I've Been Blogging and How Often I Post

I have been blogging for almost 2 years and I post regularly

Why I Decided to Become a Blogger

I love to write but I also like to make people laugh and to touch their hearts with everyday things that we can all relate to. I'm not talking just about being a grandparent, but also about being a parent to great kids and difficult kids and how it affects your grandchildren. I also enjoy writing about my husband and my own eccentricities because I believe it helps others to realize that, in difficult situations, many of us have been there. In other situations, we can laugh at our lives and find humor in love and in life. My vision for my blog is to be one where people can go to for a daily jolt of good energy.

What I've Learned and What Rewards I Have Enjoyed

I've learned to be cautious about what I write - mostly when it comes to difficulties experienced with others in my life. It can come back to bite you hard. When I am feeling overwrought or overly impassioned about something, I wait to publish it to make sure I am not offensive in any way.

My blog has grown in a variety of ways. I know what people like and what they really aren't interested in. In order to hold an audience, it's best to write with a flair for something others can relate to and, often, with humor. We all need to laugh. It is an escape from the madness of an often treacherous journey called life. Laughter truly is incredible medicine.


My advice to others considering blogging is to remember that people don't care what you had for breakfast. What they enjoy reading are anecdotes, humor, occasional romantic thoughts, touching stories that will allow readers to get to know you. The best blogs are those where people feel they have a true relationship with you.

Susan Adcox, About.com Grandparents, says:

Some writers can pull off humor, and some can't. It's good for bloggers to know which camp they belong to. Liam's Grandma/Maggie definitely delivers the goods, but she can be serious and thought-provoking as well. She's a good example of the principle that grandmothers don't all come from the same mold.

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