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Reader Stories: Grandparents Who Have Been Denied Visitation Rights


The unimaginable happens to thousands of grandparents each year. They are denied contact with their grandchildren. Some grandparents eventually win visitation rights through the courts, and some are able to work out a solution on their own. Many grandparents still suffer daily, prevented from seeing or even contacting their grandchildren. These are their stories.

Disagreement About Fad Diets Causes Rift

I first hoped family would talk to her, but she wouldn't listen. Then I went to her church and her pastor volunteered to act as a mediator in a meeting. She still refused. I am now considering going …More

Grandparents' Rights From a Parent's Point of View

I involved my lawyer, and we have had a lawyer-on-lawyer meeting. This resulted in setting up an email to "open communication." Since then they have prearranged dates for activities and have demanded…More

Abusive Parents Take Grandchildren Away

We are suing for grandparent rights. Both parents are bi-polar. There has been abuse and neglect, which we were unable to report due to threats. Emotional extortion is a real thing that these parents…More

Grandmother Struggles to Protect Granddaughter

I went to the police and also DFCS (Division of Family and Child Services). NO ONE would help me. I talked with a child detective. He was supposed to go to the home of the other grandmother and try t…More

Grandmother Has No Good News

We tried to talk to our daughter-in-law, but she changes her cell phone number about every day. She has cussed all of us out and said terrible things. When she came to get her stuff, she would not le…More

Second Part of the Story

While this started in Florida, we moved to Canada and decided to go to family court. After massive research and even more documentation, which we supplied to our attorney, the judge granted access to…More

Grandmother Prepares for Court Case

We are going to court in early January, I believe the outcome will be successful. To help my attorney I put together a dossier. First I wrote a 40-page report of our lives for the past five years. St…More

Grandmother Denied Contact With Two Grandsons

My son and #2 have two little boys ages 4 and 7. The outcome has been that I haven't seen the two little boys at all. I did see the older of the two when my son and DIL came to the funeral of my husb…More

Grandmother Expected to Suffer in Silence

He was over today and informed me that he was not given permission to bring the children over and that he has now decided he has to test us to see if we are okay. This wasn't the first time he told m…More

Daughter-in-Law Restricts Grandparents' Access to Grandchildren

I relentlessly call and email and text her to be able to talk to them. I constantly make plans to visit them. I told her that she cannot erase our blood or our love. When she doesn't answer me for ma…More

Mother Discourages Contact With Teen Granddaughter

I was able to talk to the mother and was told that these are difficult years for young teens and we would have to take a back seat to her friends. The mother is unwilling to enforce visits with us. S…More

Political Views Cost Grandparents Dearly

I have tried, unsuccessfully, to heal the rift between us. I have requested that I be able to see the kids, but my daughter always has a reason why I cannot. I live 500 miles away and have made the t…More

Grandmother Pays Price for Expressing Opinion

I called her on the phone and told her she needed to stay home and cook and clean for the kids because her house was nasty. At that time her oldest was about 13, and she wasn't their mother. I lied a…More

Son's Actions Cause Grandmother to Lose Contact With Grandchildren

The mother contacted me through text, and I tried talking with her but got nowhere. I am at a loss as to what to do. The children and their mother live in Louisiana and I am in Texas. I cannot afford…More

Grandparents Face Loss of Contact With 4-Year-Old Grandson

We are hoping for grandparent visits along with our son. They are actually getting a divorce but mediation has to step in, hopefully for the sake of our son and for us as grandparents. Please pray fo…More

Estranged Grandmother Says "Never Give Up"

My daughter refuses to take my calls. Dozens, perhaps hundreds, of emails exchanged have done nothing but escalate the problem. I have begged, pleaded, yelled, cried and begged again. I have consulte…More

Grandparent Denied Contact in Maine

I have tried to reconcile with the adoptive parents through emails. They do not respond. The other adoptive mother totally ignores me. I have tried to call DHHS workers who were involved at the time,…More

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