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Reader Stories: Handling Conflict With Adult Children Who Are the Parents of Your Grandchildren


Historian Arnold Toynbee once said that grandparents and grandchildren get along so well because they have a common enemy--the parents. His remark may have been tongue-in-cheek, but certainly grandparents frequently feel that parents make choices that are ill-advised, wrong both for the parents and for the children, who just happen to be the grandchildren of the aforementioned grandparents. How should grandparents handle these situations? Our readers tell their stories of conflict with adult children.

Grandparents Deprived of Holidays With Grandchildren

The conflict comes up every couple months, and they will write me a big long lecturing email, which is upsetting for all. I got one last night. He wants a reply, even just to reply to say I read it. …More

Grandmother Caught in No-Win Situation

One day when I was picking up my granddaughter I found a one-year-old outside, unsupervised and crying. I reported the incident. As a result, the director and owner of the daycare (whom I have never …More

Disenfranchised Grandmother Seeks Answers

My daughter physically abuses my granddaughter now and lies to her and says terrible things to her. We have contact through her little friend and I bought her a prepaid phone to keep at her little fr…More

Move to Be Closer to Family Proves Unwise

I hasn't turned out. I'm looking for some good counsel! I have prayed and meditated on the situation, and now I am here trying to get some answers from people who have maybe had a similar situation. …More

Conflict With Daughter Results in Unexpected Challenges and Benefits

At the family group conference it was agreed that her daughter would come into our care for a period of 6 months while my daughter got the treatment she required. My daughter moved to another part of…More

Daughter-in-Law's Jealousy Hurts the Children

I can't tell you how this situation has "turned out" because it is ongoing.It is a very sad and depressing situation, good for no one. I do not wish this situation on anyone.Our daughter-in-law is bi…More

Dealing With Adult Children Requires Love and Rules

As a parent, I often think that if I knew "then" what I know now, I would be a much better parent or, in reality and in an effort to maintain some sense of humor, I might not even BE a parent if I'd …More

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