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Grandparents: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
Kids' Easter Egg Games
Ten great Easter egg games will ensure that the kids have lots of fun on Easter. Start with the traditional egg hunt and move on to Hot Boiled Egg, Steal the Egg, Candy Egg Toss and more.
Choosing Your Grandmother Name - Which...
So you're going to be a grandmother! Which grandmother name is perfect for you? Take the quiz to find out.
Choosing Your Grandmother Name
So you're going to be a grandmother! Your grandmother name can be traditional or modern; it can show your ethnic background or your hip personality.
10 Outdoor Games That Are Still Crazy Fun
Grandparents will enjoy teaching the grandkids classic outdoor games like Swing the Statue and hopscotch.
Outdoor Treasure Hunt for Kids
The grandchildren will love this outdoor treasure hunt, and grandparents don't even have to come up with the clues.
Do I Need a Letter of Permission to Travel With...
It's always a good idea to carry a letter of permission to travel with grandchildren. It's easy to create your own form and have it notarized following these simple instructions.
Indoor Treasure Hunt for Children
The next time bad weather keeps the grandchildren indoors, try this treasure hunt to get them moving. Just pick and choose from this list of clues, or create your own custom clues.
Old-Fashioned Jump Rope Rhymes
Remember the jump rope rhymes that were so much fun when you were a kid? Your grandchildren May know some of the same rhymes. If not, it will be fun to teach them.
Documents Needed For Traveling With Grandchildren
Know what documents you may need when traveling with grandchildren, including when they will need passports and when simpler documents will do.
10 Easy Card Games to Play With Kids
If you have a deck of cards, you won't be at a loss for a way to entertain your grandchildren. Try these ten easy games.
Choosing Your Grandfather Name
Some grandfathers prefer the traditional Grandpa, while others opt for something cooler or a name suggested by their heritage or culture.
How Grandparents Can Regain Contact With...
This overview of grandparents' visitation rights explains why state laws differ and what the Supreme Court has said about grandparents' rights.
A Good Mother-in-Law Is No Joke
A grandmother who is interested in how to be a good mother-in-law is more likely to have sound and lasting relationships with her grandchildren.
Choosing Your Grandfather Name - Which...
So you're going to be a grandfather! Which grandfather name is perfect for you? Take the quiz to find out.
Can a Grandparent Get Custody of a Grandchild?
In certain circumstances, grandparents may want to get custody of a grandchild or grandchildren. Learn about the circumstances under which grandparent custody is likely to be awarded.
Irish Name for Grandmother
The formal Irish name for grandmother is seanmháthair, whereas the informal is Maimeó or Móraí.
Forms of Grandparent Custody and Kinship Care
Grandparents who find themselves responsible for their grandchildren, a form of kinship care, should know about the different types of grandparent custody that can be legally formalized.
Play Ball With the Grandkids
This selection of old-fashioned ball games for kids is designed for a wide span of ages. Grandparents will have great fun introducing the kids to the games and helping to referee.
French Name for Grandmother
There are several variations of the French name for grandmother.
Before You Sue for Visitation Rights
Before grandparents sue for visitation rights, they should have a good idea about the cost of such litigation in money and and in stress on all parties.
What New Grandparents Need to Know
These ten suggestions for new grandparents or grandparents-to-be will pave the way for a great relationship with your grandchild.
Grandparent Visitation Rights in Your State
These summaries of laws in all 50 states also link to the actual state statutes, so you can find out more about your grandparent visitation rights.
Ethnic Names for Grandmothers and Grandmother...
Many grandmothers, in searching for just the right grandmother name, are turning to ethnic names for grandmothers or grandmother names from other countries.
Family Disputes That May Lead to Loss of Contact
Some family disputes result in grandparents being denied contact with their grandchildren. Learn about the causes of disputes and how they can be prevented or resolved.
Are Hot Tubs Safe for the Grandkids?
Grandparents who own hot tubs or spas need to know at what age their grandchildren can be allowed to get in. Children in hot tubs are at risk because their bodies do not get rid of heat easily.
Capture the Flag: A Classic Outdoor Game
Capture the Flag is a classic outdoor game that has been especially popular with Scouting groups. It can be quite rough and physical, although some of the variations are less so.
Florida Grandparents' Rights
Florida is one of the most restrictive states concerning grandparent visitation rights, due to that state's emphasis on the right to privacy.
California Grandparents' Rights
According to laws governing grandparents' rights in California, the bond between grandparents and grandchildren can figure largely in a suit for visitation rights.
Dealing With Grandparent Death
A grandparent death may be a child's first encounter with loss. Children dealing with death need the support of understanding adults, including the other grandparents.
Gifts for Grandchildren
Finding the right gift for grandchildren in different ages and stages can be quite a challenge for grandparents. Each of these gift lists contains some great ideas for gifts for grandchildren.
Call Me Nonna!
Nonna is the Italian word for grandmother, but it also is popular with those not of Italian heritage.
Old-Fashioned Fun and Games
Your grandchildren will enjoy old-fashioned fun and games as much as you did when you were a child. You'll have fun sharing these old classics with them.
Dance at a Grandchild's Wedding!
So you're going to get to attend a grandchild's wedding. What a lucky grandparent you are! Here are answers for some of the questions that you may have about the happy occasion.
Pennsylvania Grandparents' Rights
The statutes governing Pennsylvania grandparents' rights allow grandparents to seek visitation in cases of parental death, divorce or separation.
Looking at the Generation Gap
Bridging the generation gap requires understanding it. Grandparents will find this overview looking at the generation gap interesting and useful.
Red Light, Green Light: An Outdoor Game That's...
Red Light, Green Light is a traditional outdoor game that requires the players to react quickly to spoken commands. It requires no equipment and can be adapted for younger kids.
50 Kinds of Silly Fun for School Age Grandchild...
Never pass up a chance to get a little goofy with your grandchildren. Use this list of 50 kinds of silly fun for inspiration.
7 Hints for Communicating With Adult Children
These seven hints can help grandparents communicate with adult children for happier, healthier relationships.
Grandparents Who Have Problems With Boundaries
Do some grandmothers try to act like mothers? Do some grandparents have problems with boundaries? Some parents say yes.
How Do You Say Grandfather in Italian?
The Italian term for grandfather is nonno, but there are several variations of this term.
What Rights Do Ohio Grandparents Have?
Ohio allows for grandparents and other interested parties to be granted visitation and provides a lengthy list of factors to be considered.
Grab Some FaceTime With the Grands
If you own certain Apple products, you can video chat easily with children and grandchildren.
Tennessee Grandparents' Rights
Tennessee statutes regarding grandparent visitation are exacting, requiring grandparents seeking visitation to go through a four-step process.
Swing the Statue: A Game Guaranteed to Make...
Swing the Statue is a game that derives its entertainment value from watching the players assume and try to hold strange positions. There is an element of competition, but it's more for amusement.
Polish Name for Grandmother
The Polish name for grandmother is babcia, but there are many variations, including babunia, babula, babusia, busia and baba.
Irish Name for Grandfather
The Irish language has several names for grandfather.
Those Tricky Mother-Daughter Relationships
In theory, mother-daughter relationships should be the closest of human relationships. In fact, they are often marked by strife over boundaries.
Georgia Grandparents' Rights
In 2012 Georgia passed legislation making it easier for grandparents to win visitation rights.
Hawaiian Name for Grandmother
The most commonly used Hawaiian name for a grandmother is tutu.
Relationships Between Mothers and Adult Sons
Relationships between mothers and adult sons are tricky when the son is also a husband and father. Staying close without being intrusive is the challenge.
What Are the Rights of Grandparents in Virginia?
Virginia presents a challenge to grandparents as visitation and custody are addressed in a lengthy set of statutes, and case law also comes into play.
Indiana Grandparents' Rights
Indiana grandparents seeking visitation rights must show that they have attempted to have meaningful contact with the child.
Troxel v. Granville Impacts Grandparents...
The 2000 case of Troxel v. Granville, heard by the U.S. Supreme Court, affected grandparents' visitation rights in all 50 states.
Asian Grandparents Have Influence, Status
With regard to Asian grandparents, naming traditions and grandparent roles vary considerably from country to country. Some customs survive in Asian immigrant families, and some are replaced as assimilation occurs.
Do Michigan Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?
In Michigan, lengthy statutes were enacted in 2005 to bring their state law in compliance with the Supreme Court ruling in Troxel v. Granville.
Advice for Grandparents Who Have Lost Access to...
Grandparents who have lost access to grandchildren have their choice of two paths. They can attempt to reconcile with the parents, or they can seek legal recourse to regain access to their grandchildren.
Red Rover: A Traditional Favorite Outdoor Game
Red Rover is a traditional outdoor game. It requires no equipment but can be a little rough.
North Carolina Grandparents' Rights
The state of North Carolina does not allow pleas for visitation outside of custody suits.
The Emotional Toll of Losing Contact With...
Losing contact with grandchildren exacts an emotional toll on grandparents, especially when they are not exactly sure where they went wrong. Here are some of the feelings you may be experiencing, along with some strategies for coping.
Oklahoma Grandparents' Rights
The state of Oklahoma has very detailed statutes regarding grandparent visitation rights.
Chinese Name for Grandmother
The Chinese call their maternal grandmothers and paternal grandmothers by different names.
Protect Your Visitation Rights
If your child is going through a divorce or breakup, you should safeguard your grandparents' visitation rights. These strategies can help.
German Name for Grandmother
Oma is the informal German name for grandmother or grandma. Grossmutter is the more formal term.
Kentucky Grandparents' Rights
Kentucky grandparents' rights are spelled out in statute, but a knowledge of case law is necessary to really understand what rights grandparents have.
They Love Their Abuelos and Abuelas!
Grandparents, those beloved abuelos and abuelas, are crucial in Hispanic family structure and culture.
Portuguese Name for Grandmother
The Portuguese name for grandmother is avó. An affectionate variation is vovó or just vo.
Helping Out When a Grandchild Is Born
Grandparents can give valuable assistance when their grandchildren are born by helping to take care of the baby, helping with housework, running errands, and being the family photographer.
Why Grandparents Should Seek Legal Custody or...
Grandparents raising grandchildren may be reluctant to make their relationship with their grandchildren legal by seeking legal custody or guardianship. Here's why they should go ahead with the process in spite of their fears.
How to Use Skype to Connect With Grandchildren
If you've wondered how to use Skype, here's an easy guide. You'll need a standard computer setup with webcam.
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents raising grandchildren is not a new phenomenon, but it may be on the rise, as grandparents step in for their children as a result of death, divorce, drug problems, incarcerations and other situations.
Illinois Grandparents Rights
If visitation has been unreasonably denied, Illinois grandparents may sue for visitation but must prove that further denial would be harmful to the child.
Texas Grandparents' Rights
Texas grandparents' rights may be granted if the grandparent can prove that denial would be detrimental to the child's physical or emotional health.
Can You Afford to Provide Child Care for Your...
Using grandparents as child care providers can be beneficial for all parties involved, but grandparents should consider the financial factors carefully.
Alabama Grandparents' Rights
In a 2012 decision by the Alabama Supreme Court, Alabama's grandparent visitation statute was declared unconstitutional.
Greek Name for Grandfather
There are several ways to spell the Greek name for grandfather.
What Rights Do Wisconsin Grandparents Have?
The state of Wisconsin provides for grandparent visitation in three separate statutes, as well as addressing the topic in case law.
Which Grandmother Name Is Right For You?
So you're going to be a grandmother! What grandmother name suits you best? Take the quiz to find out.
Daughters Becoming Mothers, Mothers Becoming...
When daughters become mothers, their mothers become grandmothers, and both of their lives are forever changed. In addition, their relationship may change.
Grandparents' Rights
What is meant by the term grandparents' rights? What rights do grandparents have to visitation and custody?
Russian Name for Grandmother
The Russian name for grandmother is babushka, sometimes spelled babooshka, babouchka or baboushka.
Granny Flat , or Accessory Apartment
A granny flat, also known as an accessory apartment, is a economical form of multigenerational housing. A granny flat may also be known as an accessory dwelling unit, carriage house, casita, ohana or in-law apartment.
Grandparents Babysitting? How to Keep Them Happy
For those parents who occasionally drop off the grandkids for a few hours or a day or a night with the grandparents, there are a few things we want you to know. Grandparent babysitters are loving and tolerant, but these strategies will make visits go more smoothly.
Japanese Name for Grandmother
: The Japanese word for grandmother is obaasan , sometimes shortened to baasan or baa-baa . One's own
Arizona Grandparents' Rights
In Arizona, grandparent visitation rights are possible only if the grandchild's parents are deceased, divorced or unmarried.
New York Laws About Grandparents Rights
The state of New York has some of the briefest yet complex laws regarding grandparents visitation rights.
Right to Visitation of Grandchildren in Intact...
Every state has a grandparent visitation statute, but the states are not equal, especially regarding visitation of grandchildren in intact families.
How to Be a Better Stepgrandparent
Blended families often include stepgrandparents. The stepgrandparent role presents special challenges but can also result in special blessings.
Baby Crib Choices for Grandparents
New grandparents who want to keep their grandbabies overnight will need to invest in a bed of some type. The good news is that there are lots of baby crib choices.
Horse: A Basketball Game of Shooting Skill
Horse is a basketball game that requires only two or more players and requires only one goal. It's a fun game that rewards the player who can make unconventional shots.
The Game of Washers Is Fun for All Generations
A great game for all ages, washers has many variations and different conventions. Perhaps some member of your family grew up playing washers and can teach others the rules. Here are the rudiments of the game.
This Grandparenting Book Is Really Useful
A collaboration by Tony Lacey and Eleo Gordon, The Really Useful Grandparents' Book is a bit old-fashioned and British but a whole lot delightful.
Pirate Jokes and Riddles for Kids
The popularity of pirates gives grandparents one more way to win points with the grandkids: by knowing a few pirate jokes. These pirate jokes and riddles for kids will tickle their funny bones, and maybe they'll come up with a few jokes of their own.
Spanish Name for Grandmother
Abuela is the Spanish name for grandmother, although more informal terms are also popular.
What to Do About Conflict Over a Grandparent Name
What should you do when your children or your grandchild doesn't accept your grandparent name? And what if another grandparent has already claimed your grandparent name? The issue of choosing grandmother names and grandfather names can create family conflict.
Studying Grandparenting Styles, Past and Future
Researchers have reached some interesting conclusions about grandparenting styles. Their studies may give grandparents some insight into their own actions and motives. But the time is ripe for another study of grandparenting styles, one more geared to the twenty-first century.
French-Canadian Name for Grandmother
The French-Canadian name for grandmother is Mémé, but some use variations.
Baby Shower Tips for Parents and Grandparents
It may not be as big a deal as a wedding, but a baby shower can be a stressful occasion for both the mother-to-be and the grandmother-to-be. Both generations should be on their best behaviors. These baby shower tips for parents and grandparents can help.
Louisiana Grandparents' Rights
Three statutes govern visitation rights in Louisiana, making it one of the trickier systems to navigate.
Greek Name for Grandmother
The Greek language term for grandmother is yia-yia or ya-ya.
Grandchild Travel With and Without Parents
Multigenerational travel is great fun, but sooner or later you'll want to go it alone with your grandchildren. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of both types of travel.
Four Square: An Outdoor Game That's Challenging...
A game that allows the players to work their way up to becoming king, four square ball is great when space is limited or when it's too wet to play on the lawn.
Best Toys for Grandbaby's First Year
Why weren't these great toys around when we were parents? But you'll be happy to find these wonderful toys for grandbaby.
All About Grandparent Names
New grandparents face an important decision: choosing their grandparent names. Today's grandmothers and grandfathers have a lot of choices.
The Best Kids' Books About Grandparents
Grandparents and grandchildren reading a book about grandparents and grandchildren--that's one special moment. We've found the best kids' books about grandparents to make it happen.
Your Child's Divorce
Human beings like stories. Marsha Temlock harnesses the power of narrative to deal with a difficult subject
Kickball: One of the Best Outdoor Games to Play...
A sturdy ball, an open area, four makeshift bases and a handful of kids -- that's all you need to play old-fashioned kickball. Kickball is one of the best outdoor games for kids because it's adaptable to all ages and skill levels.
Flashlight Tag is Fun After Dark
Flashlight Tag is a combination of tag and hide-and-seek that is played at night. It's an old-fashioned game that today's kids will love.
Filipino Name for Grandmother
Filipinos, residents of the Philippines, use several names for grandmother.
Baby Supplies for Grandparents
When your grandbaby comes to visit, you want to be prepared. Here's a list of baby supplies that grandparents just might need.
Shadowing: A Tracking Game for Older Kids
Introduction Shadowing is a variation of a Scouting game that dates back to the early 1900s. A game of
Kick the Can: A Historic Outdoor Game to Teach...
A variation of Hide and Seek, Kick the Can is a fast-paced outdoor game. According to tradition, it was popular during the Great Depression because it requires no equipment but a single can.
Up in the Air With the Grandkids
Grandparents traveling with grandchildren and without parents need to plan ahead. It's also important to simplify everything.
Hide-and-Seek: Play the Classic Game or a Fun...
Everyone knows the old-fashioned game of hide-and-seek or hide-and-go-seek, but your grandchildren probably don't know these variations on the classic game.
Hopscotch: An Ancient Jumping Game
A piece of chalk and a sidewalk--that's all that's needed for a game of hopscotch. Although the grids may vary, the basic game is the same.
What's Your Grandparent Role and Grandparenting...
Take a light-hearted look at grandparenting styles. You may recognize your grandparent role!
What Are Visitation Rights for Grandparents in...
The statutes of West Virginia are specific and detailed in describing grandparents visitation rights.
Poetry Writing 101: Write a Poem for Someone
It's easy to write a poem to give to someone as a special gift. Write a poem for a grandchild, or help a grandchild write a poem for someone special.
Grandparents raising grandchildren need to know about the legal options open to them, including guardianship.
Do Grandparents Have the Right to Spoil...
One of the traditional privileges of grandparenthood is getting to spoil grandchildren. Exactly what does that mean, and do grandparents really have that right?
Oregon Grandparents' Rights
Oregon has no specific provisions for grandparent visitation, but does have statutes providing for visitation
Why So Blue?
Grandparents can find ways to connect with their grandchildren, even when they are long-distance grandparents. The emotional aspects of separation are not, however, so easily managed.
11 Factors for Grandparent Child Care Providers...
Grandparents who are considering supplying child care for their grandchildren have financial issues to consider, but other factors are important as well. Grandparent child care providers will have to make some changes in their lives, and they should consider how these changes will impact their quality of life before making the commitment.
Make the Most of Your Grandchild's First Year
There’s nothing more exciting than having a new grandchild. Keep these principles in mind to make the most of your baby grandchild's first year.
What's Wrong With Grandparents Seeing a Newborn...
As a grandparent, you can't wait to visit a newborn grandchild, but sometimes the parents say no. They want time to bond with their baby.
Kids' Brain Teasers and Mind Games
Caught without a book or computer or even a deck of cards? These old-fashioned kids' brain teasers and mind games will amuse the grandchildren without needing any equipment.
Make Pen Pals of Your Grandchildren
Writing letters to grandchildren is a great strategy, especially for long-distance grandparents. From toddlers to teens, everyone loves getting letters.
South Carolina Grandparents' Rights
In 2010 South Carolina modified its grandparent visitation laws, but grandparents seeking visitation still have significant obstacles to overcome.
When Grandparenting Isn't Fun
Grandparenting isn't always fun and games. Grandparent issues ranging from lack of time to access to grandchildren can complicate relationships with children and grandchildren.
Hawaiian for Grandfather
Find out how to say grandfather in Hawaiian
Grandparents' Rights in Arkansas
In Arkansas, grandparent visitation rights are considered only if the grandchild's parents are deceased, divorced or unmarried.
Dealing With Divorce of a Child
Grandparents dealing with divorce of a child need all the help they can get, especially if there are grandchildren involved. If you’ve been on the receiving end of such news, you’ve probably experienced these five emotions, as you go through the stages of dealing with divorce.
African-American Grandparents
Grandparents are important in African-American families. Many raise grandchildren, and many live with their grandchildren in multigenerational homes.
All About Grandparents Visitation Rights
Grandparents who have been denied contact with grandchildren may elect to sue for visitation rights. Before they do, they should have a good idea about the cost of such litigation in money and stress, as well as considering the impact on the grandchildren involved.
Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Grandparents raising grandchildren often feel overwhelmed and in need of guidance. These websites provide practical advice and emotional support.
Children and Divorce
Children and divorce--it's a sad combination, but if the children are your grandchildren, it's even more heartbreaking. Your actions in this situation can affect your relationships with your child and your grandchildren. It's vital that you think through your actions before you carry them out.
Baby Boomers
What is meant by the term baby boomers or the baby boom? Who are the baby boomers?
Do Grandparents in Mississippi Have Visitation...
In the state of Mississippi, statutes govern petitions for visitation rights, and a court case sets out some criteria for determining the best interest of the child.
Baby Chairs for Grandparents' Houses
Babies do get hungry, especially when visiting their grandparents. These baby chairs are perfect for feeding and compact for easy storage
Grandparent Nicknames You'll Get a Kick Out Of
Some grandparents have unique nicknames, mostly courtesy of the grandchildren.
Hebrew Name for Grandmother
The Hebrew name for grandmother is savta. Since Hebrew uses a different alphabet from English, this word is transliterated, which means that words exist in several different spellings.
Grandparents' Visitation Rights in Canada
In all Canadian provinces and territories, grandparents can sue for access to grandchildren. In only five provinces and one territory, however, are grandparents specified.
Do Minnesota Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?
In Minnesota grandparent visitation cases, the courts must consider the prior grandparent-grandchild relationship and the effect of visitation upon the parent-child relationship.
Grandparent Scam FAQs
Learn what you need to know about the grandparent scam to avoid being a victim and also to protect elderly friends and family. The answers to these grandparent scam FAQs will bring you up to speed fast.
Keepsake Books for Grandparents to Give to...
Give your grandchildren what no one else can: a gift of your memories in a special keepsake book. Find the book that is the right size, format and type for you.
Advice for New Grandparents
New grandparents have a lot of joy in store, but also have some adjusting to do. This practical advice for new grandparents and grandparents-to-be will smooth the transition.
Bridging the Generation Gap
To get closer with children and grandchildren, grandparents need to know the issues that can separate. Learn how grandparents bridge the generation gap.
New Jersey Grandparents' Rights
The state of New Jersey requires that grandparents seeking visitation show detriment if visitation is not awarded.
Joint Birthday Celebrations Are Convenient and...
Celebrating birthdays can turn into a chore for large families, but combining birthday parties can help. Joint celebrations don’t have to take the place of individual parties for kids.
Hear a Story Read in a Loved One's Voice With...
Hallmark recordable storybooks are easy to create and fun to hear over and over again.
Do Nevada Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?
Nevada grandparents may seek visitation with a grandchild living in a non-intact family if the custodial or surviving parent has unreasonably denied visitation.

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