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Grandparent Visitation Rights by State, L-W

Get an overview of the statutes governing grandparent visitation rights in states of the United States beginning with L-W. Site includes links to the actual state statutes.

Louisiana Grandparents' Rights
"Extraordinary circumstances" must be present for grandparents to claim visitation in Louisiana.

Maine Grandparents' Rights
In the state of Maine, a complex set of statutes governs grandparents visitation rights, and case law further complicates the picture.

Maryland Grandparents' Rights
In Maryland standards for determining the best interest of the child are governed by case law rather than by statute.

Massachusetts Grandparents' Rights
Grandparents seeking visitation in Massachusetts must prove significant harm if contact is denied.

Michigan Grandparents Rights
In 2005 Michigan enacted lengthy statutes providing for "grandparenting time."

Minnesota Grandparents Rights
Minnesota courts must consider two factors when deciding grandparent visitation cases.

Mississippi Grandparents Rights
In the state of Mississippi, specific criteria govern grandparent visitation. Statutes govern petitions for visitation rights, and a court case sets out criteria for determining the best interest of the child.

Missouri Grandparents' Rights
Missouri's grandparent visitation statutes are narrowly constructed, which has helped them survive a constitutionality challenge.

Montana Grandparents Rights
In the state of Montana, any grandparent may file for visitation, but if a parent whose parental rights have not been terminated objects to the visitation, the grandparent may have to prove that the parent is unfit.

Nebraska Grandparents Rights
In Nebraska, grandparents must prove a significant beneficial relationship in order to win visitation rights and may have to prove that visitation will not harm the parent-child relationship.

Nevada Grandparents Rights
In the state of Nevada, grandparents may seek visitation only if a grandchild is living in a non-intact family and the parent has denied visitation.

New Hampshire Grandparents Rights
In New Hampshire grandparents may apply for visitation with grandchildren only in the case of disruption in the nuclear family.

New Jersey Grandparents' Rights
The state of New Jersey requires that grandparents seeking visitation show harm if visitation is denied.

New Mexico Grandparents Rights
In the state of New Mexico grandparents can be awarded visitation in a number of different circumstances. Grandparents who have cared for grandchildren may receive special consideration.

New York Grandparents Rights
The state of New York provides for grandparents visitation rights in the case of a deceased parent or other broadly defined circumstances.

North Carolina Grandparents Rights
North Carolina makes it difficult for grandparents to win visitation with two unusual provisions.

North Dakota Grandparents Rights
The state of North Dakota provides for visitation by grandparents or great-grandparents if it does not interfere with the parent-child relationship. The court is directed to consider the amount of previous contact between grandparent and grandchild.

Ohio Grandparents Rights
Ohio's statutes about grandparent visitation are lengthy and complex, listing numerous factors to be considered in such suits.

Oklahoma Grandparents' Rights
Grandparents in Oklahoma can petition for visitation, but not if grandchildren live in an intact family.

Oregon Grandparents' Rights
Oregon has no statute for grandparent visitation but allows for visitation by non-parents under certain circumstances.

Pennsylvania Grandparents' Rights
The state of Pennsylvania allows visitation if the parents of the grandchild are deceased, divorced or separated, or if the child resided with the grandparent for twelve months or more.

Rhode Island Grandparents Rights
Rhode Island statutes state that a grandparent must have attempted visitation repeatedly with no success before filing for visitation rights, that this failure must be due to parental invention and that visitation is impossible without court intervention.

South Carolina Grandparents' Rights
South Carolina statutes, amended in 2010, present serious obstacles to grandparents seeking visitation.

South Dakota Grandparents Rights
The South Dakota statute governing grandparent visitation is brief, and the state is usually considered to be on the permissive side.

Tennessee Grandparents' Rights
Qualifying for grandparent visitation in Tennessee requires a multi-step qualifying process.

Texas Grandparents' Rights
The state of Texas allows visitation rights to grandparents under certain circumstances. Generally grandparents need to be the parents of a parent who does not have actual or court-ordered access.

Utah Grandparents' Rights
In Utah grandparents seeking visitation must rebut the presumption that parents make decisions in the the best interest of their children.

Vermont Grandparents Rights
Vermont statute would seem to make the state receptive to grandparents' visitation suits, but the opposite is true.

Virginia Grandparents Rights
The state of Virginia presents a challenge to grandparents as the topic of visitation is addressed along with custody in a lengthy set of statutes as well as being addressed in case law.

Washington Grandparents' Rights
Washington State has played a key role in the struggle for grandparents' visitation rights.

West Virginia Grandparents Rights
The statutes of West Virginia are specific and detailed in describing grandparents visitation rights. Visitation must be in the best interest of the child, and West Virginia statutes list a number of other factors to be considered before grandparent visitation is awarded.

Wisconsin Grandparents Rights
Wisconsin grandparents may win grandparent visitation under three separate statutes.

Wyoming Grandparents Rights
Under Wyoming law, grandparents seeking visitation must prove that visitation is in the child's best interest and will not impair the rights of the parents.

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