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Playmobil Hand-Launch Glider: One Flying Toy That Won't Disappoint

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The Playmobil Glider is a hand-launch flying toy that encourages active play.

The Playmobil Glider is a hand-launch flying toy that encourages active play.

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The Bottom Line

There's something magical about a toy that flies, something that entrances grandparents and grandchildren alike. Many flying toys disappoint, however, by being too flimsy or too hard to operate. That's not the case with the Hand-Launch Glider by Playmobil, available in two models, the "Jet Team" and the "Extreme Team." Playmobil is known as a reliable producer of sturdy, well-designed toys.
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  • Flies straight and far
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to throw
  • Encourages active play
  • Requires no batteries


  • Can end up in a tree or atop a house


  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Comes with pilot wings
  • List price $19.99
  • Available in two models

Guide Review - Playmobil Hand-Launch Glider: One Flying Toy That Won't Disappoint

Like most Playmobil products, the Hand-Launch Glider requires assembly. Made primarily of a foam-type material, the glider assembles easily. On to the next big question: How well does it fly? Just let me say that in just a few minutes, my 8-year-old grandson could sail it 50 feet. It also flies straight and true, which means the grandkids won't have to spend all their time retrieving it. Soon after my grandsons started playing with it, their mother joined them for a spontaneous game of Monkey-in-the-Middle, with the boys trying (and mostly succeeding) to sail the glider over their mom's head but straight to the other brother's waiting hands. The nose of the glider did sustain a little damage when it collided with a tree trunk, leading me to wonder why there wasn't some type of protective cap on it.

The glider comes with a Playmobil pilot figure, and the instructions that come with the toy show a picture of the glider without the figure with an X over it. Clearly that means don't fly the glider without the pilot; it's a weighting and stabilizing factor. Another warning is a graphic warning not to fly the glider in high wind. After my 8-year-old grandson broke both of those rules at the same time, the glider ended up on the roof. "It just went all crazy," he said. At least he received some experience in aerodynamics.

The bottom line is that the Playmobil Hand-Launch Glider is a high-quality flying toy, designed for outdoors and best used in large open spaces. If your grandkids can follow instructions and can keep up with the little pilot figure, they'll have a lot of fun with it. If not, there's always rubber band airplanes.

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