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Sky Scrapers by Aeromax

Flying Toy Gives Easy, Reliable Fun

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Sky Scraper by Aeromax is a flying toy that will thrill the grandchildren.

You won't believe how high the Sky Scraper will fly with an easy pull of the string.

Photo © Aeromax

I am fascinated by things that fly. Thank goodness a couple of the grandkids share my affinity. I've bought a bucketful of rubber band-powered airplanes, but they usually end up stuck in a tree. I've bought kites, only to be faced with endless windless days. The Sky Scraper by Aeromax doesn't need wind to work, and it goes almost straight up and straight down, so that landing mishaps are lessened.

The Blueprint

This unique toy consists of three disks and a launcher that will send them flying with an easy pull of the string. The Aeromax people claim that the disks will go over 100 feet in the air. I had no way of measuring the height, but the grandkids and I let out a collective gasp the first time we launched a disk.

The product is recommended for kids 9 and up, but younger kids are physically capable of pulling the string. I imagine that the age restriction is because younger kids might shoot the disk at another kid. That's unlikely, however, as a good strong pull of the string causes the disk to rise almost vertically and descend the same way. Because of the vertical path it travels, the disk is unlikely to land in a tree or atop a building. Still, it is best to use Sky Scrapers in an open area. A park or empty parking lot is ideal.

Bottom Line

The Sky Scraper is a bit of a one-trick pony. My grandkids fought for the chance to launch the disks, but were through playing with it after half an hour. I'm sure they will enjoy it many more times. I'm a little concerned about what my grandsons, who are natural experimenters, will try with this gadget. For that reason, I'm keeping it hidden in my closet. Aeromax recommends parental supervision, and I agree.

Given these qualifiers, I would still buy Sky Scrapers for the grands. The price is less than ten bucks, and the "wow" factor is definitely there. Unlike many other flying toys, it is not going to be mangled after a few landings. If the disks turn up missing, you can always buy a replacement pack of disks, and the replacement pack even includes glow-in-the-dark disks. Also, it provides the kind of old-fashioned fun that most grandparents have a soft spot for.

The president of Aeromax, Mark Levine, began his company with the Aeromax 2000, a tangle-free parachute. That's something Grandpa would appreciate, having spent much of his childhood tossing up toy soldiers attached to handkerchiefs, in an arrangement that was definitely not tangle-free. The Aeromax 2000 is still available. I think it will be our next purchase, for Grandpa if not for the grandkids.

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