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Grandchild Safety

A few years may have passed since you have been responsible for a baby or young child. Here are some guidelines for safeguarding your grandchildren in your home and in your car.
  1. Childproof Your Home (5)
  2. Driving and Car Seat Safety (4)
  3. Poisoning Prevention (3)
  4. Water Safety (6)

Grandparents' Summer Survival Kit
When the temperature is high and the grandkids are with you, a summer survival kit will make you feel more competent to handle emergencies.

Relationship Between Grandparent Care and SIDS
Certain factors put infants at higher risk of SIDS, and about one fifth of all SIDS deaths occur while infants are in the care of someone other than parents. Caregivers, perhaps grandparents in particular, need to know the ways to reduce the risk of SIDS.

Why Grandparents Should Have a Disaster Plan
Grandparents who live near their grandchildren may find themselves caring for grandchildren during a disaster. Their planning should take the grandchildren into consideration. Disaster plans for grandparents could also prove important during other family emergencies.

Disaster Preparedness for Grandparents
These stories about grandparents, grandchildren and disaster preparedness could prevent a tragedy from occurring in someone else's family, especially if grandparents are inspired to create their own disaster plans.

11 Factors for Grandparent Child Care Providers to Consider
Grandparent child care providers will gain a closer relationship with their grandchildren, but they should consider all factors carefully before making the commitment.

Do You Know What a Child Drowning Looks Like?
Many child drownings occur when children are being supervised. Sometimes an adult watches the drowning take place without realizing what is occurring. Grandparents who will supervise their grandchildren in the water need to know what a child drowning looks like.

Is It Safe for My Grandchildren to Swim Underwater and Practice Breath Holding?
Maybe you've seen the signs at some swimming pools, "No Prolonged Underwater Swimming Or Breath Holding." When you take your grandchildren swimming, is this a rule you should enforce?

Water Safety for Kids: What Grandparents Need to Know
Water and fun go together, but so do water and danger. Learn the latest information about water safety for kids.

Should I Co-Sleep With My Grandchild?
Parents who have embraced co-sleeping may want the grandparents to co-sleep as well. What grandparents need to know before sharing their bed with an infant grandchild.

Five Things Grandparents Must Know to Keep Grandchildren Safe
Grandparents may not know about these five risks to the safety of their grandchildren.

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