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Curve Pitch Set Gives Nerf Baseball a New Twist, or a New Curve

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The Nerf Curve Pitch bat and ball set adds a new element to backyard baseball.

The Nerf Curve Pitch bat and ball set adds a new element to backyard baseball.

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The Bottom Line

The Nerf Curve Pitch set looks like a fairly ordinary plastic ball and bat set, but it gives baseball a new twist. Made from a rubbery material, the ball features a fuzzy felt patch. Depending upon how the ball is held, it enables the pitcher to throw specialized pitches, such as curves and sinkers. After testing the set at a family reunion, we concluded that it does produce the advertised pitches and it could be of use in teaching young players to hit different pitches. In addition, it's a sturdy but lightweight set that's easy to take along on jaunts and unlikely to cause injury to people or property.
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  • Sturdy, well-made
  • Bat's rubberized grip makes it easy to hold
  • Produces different pitches as advertised
  • Reasonably priced
  • Fun to play around with


  • Pitches aren't easy to control
  • Not for serious skill-building


  • Set includes one bat and one ball
  • Plastic bat, ball of rubber-type plastic
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Retail price approximately $10

Guide Review - Curve Pitch Set Gives Nerf Baseball a New Twist, or a New Curve

Full disclosure time: I'm not the best person to evaluate sports equipment of any kind. I do, however, have access to some relatives who are very knowledgeable about sports, and they were a bit puzzled by the Nerf Curve Pitch bat and ball set. The set is recommended for ages 8 and up. Since some sports medicine authorities recommend that children not attempt a curveball or other specialized pitches until at least the age of 14, due to the risk of injury, this ball does allow younger players to play around with various pitches. Because the pitches are achieved through the use of a trick ball rather than through a particular throwing technique, using the ball shouldn't cause injury. On the other hand, using it won't teach any throwing skills that would transfer to regular baseball. We did see a possible use for it in teaching younger children to hit various pitches, although it's not easy to control the pitches so that they are remotely hittable.

So much for the serious side. What about the fun factor? I can see teenagers and young adults having a lot of fun with this set. It delivers an experience that's fun like Wiffle Ball yet a bit closer to the real game of baseball. The video on the Nerf site that demonstrates it features a strapping young man of well over Little League age. That's the demographic that I can see really enjoying the Nerf Curve Pitch bat and ball set. And there's nothing grandparents like more than seeing grandchildren of any age being active and having fun.

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