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Monopoly Junior: A Kids' Version of the Classic Family Game

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Monopoly Junior: A Kids' Version of the Classic Family Game

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The Bottom Line

Monopoly Junior is a thoughtfully adapted, kid-friendly version of the classic family game. Here I need to insert a disclaimer: I've always hated Monopoly. My grandkids love Monopoly, though, and this faster-paced Monopoly is bearable to me. Since I'm a word nerd, I prefer games like Catch Phrase and Bananagrams, but I can see that Monopoly Junior builds a skill set that is more geared to mathematics but is equally important.
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  • Takes only half an hour to play
  • Governed by a few easy rules
  • Gives kids practice in counting and math
  • Features amusement park images kids can relate to
  • Retains essential features of original Monopoly


  • Playing pieces are lightweight and easily bumped out of place
  • Money is flimsy and hard for little fingers to handle
  • No extra playing pieces are provided


  • Targeted to ages 5-8
  • Priced at $12.99 retail
  • Designed for 2-4 players

Guide Review - Monopoly Junior: A Kids' Version of the Classic Family Game

A game that I will enjoy playing with the grandchildren has to be short in duration to fit their attention spans, and Monopoly Junior fills the bill. The game is over when the first player runs out of money, which occurs surprisingly quickly. Another nice feature is that the game designers have removed the elements of skill and strategy so that grandparents, who should be slyer than their grandchildren, have no advantage. If you've ever had to cheat to keep from beating your grandchildren several games in a row, you'll appreciate this feature. When a player lands on a property, he or she must purchase it; there is no option to pass on the purchase. Children still get practice in several essential skills, including taking turns, counting money and--perhaps most importantly--losing gracefully. A wily grandparent can even sneak in some lessons about the advantages of owning property and the meaning of a monopoly.This game is accurately targeted at ages 5-8. My six- and seven-year-old grandsons loved it, although the six-year-old had some trouble when he lost. My ten-year-old granddaughter wasn't interested, requesting instead to play the classic Monopoly game.

My only real complaints about this game concern game pieces. The ticket booths that take the place of the houses and hotels fall over every time the board is bumped; the money is flimsy and sticks together. And would it have hurt them to put in some extra playing pieces? I know that my grandkids are already missing some. One last beef--does anyone really need a Disney Princess version of Monopoly Junior? Has anyone given any thought to what is going to happen to the generation of girls who are being raised on princess stories? Being exposed to classic fairy tales is marvelous, but a steady diet of saccharine fantasy can't be good for our little princesses.

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Monopoly Junior Disney Princess Edition, Member Chicagodadof3

This game set has hazardous small plastic castles as board pieces. These pieces have a sharp turret that protrudes about a quarter inch above the rest of the miniature castle. Today my six year old son stepped on one that my daughter left on the floor. The turret puncture my son's foot and caused a nasty wound with much bleeding. Please be advised that these small board pieces can be very dangerous.

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