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Play an Old-Fashioned Game of Flashlight Tag

Nighttime Play Adds Suspense


Flashlight tag is a safe and fun form of hide-and-seek or tag.

Flashlights fascinate grandchildren, so they'll naturally love flashlight tag.

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A combination of tag and hide-and-seek, Flashlight Tag has many variations. Playing at night makes it a livelier game, with players frequently changing their hiding places during the course of the game.


School age children will enjoy Flashlight Tag.

Equipment Needed

Flashlights are the only equipment needed, although you may need extra batteries.

Where to Play

You'll need a large area that's not too hazardous to negotiate in the dark.

How to Play

One player is designated "it" and given a flashlight. "It" counts to 50 while the other players hide. When "it" finds someone, he or she shines the flashlight on the other player. That player then becomes "it," and the first player is free to go hide.


There are dozens of different rules and variations for playing Flashlight Tag. Some say that the flashlight must remain on at all times, so that the hiders can see "it" approaching and may change their hiding places. In another variation, "it" puts the tagged players in "jail," where they can be rescued by other players. This variation is sometimes played in teams, almost like Capture the Flag.

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