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Vampire Jokes for Kids

These Quips Have a Little Bite to Them


Vampire Halloween Costume

Need a good vampire joke to go with that outfit?

Photo © L. Haffelfinger

Books like the Twilight series have made vampires popular with tween and teen grandchildren. Younger grandkids don't care. They just like a good vampire joke. Enjoy these and a whole collection of Halloween-themed jokes for kids.

Riddle Me This!

  1. Why didn't anyone want to babysit the little vampire?
  2. What is Dracula's favorite place in New York City?
  3. What did the little vampire say when he went to bed?
  4. What did the vampire say to his victim?
  5. Why do little vampires look forward to school lunches?
  6. Who did Dracula take out on a date?
  7. What do vampires fear the most?
  8. How do you join Dracula's fan club?
  9. What's a vampire's favorite fruit?
  10. What's a vampire's favorite animal?

The Answers

  1. Because he was a pain in the neck.
  2. The Vampire State Building.
  3. Turn on the dark. I'm afraid of the light.
  4. It's been nice gnawing you.
  5. Because they know they won't get stake.
  6. His ghoul friend.
  7. Tooth decay.
  8. Send your name, address and blood type.
  9. Nectarines.
  10. A giraffe.

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