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Animal Jokes for Kids

The Grandkids Will Enjoy Passing These Along


The grandkids will love these animal riddles as much as they love animals.

Kids love animals, and they'll love these animal riddles as well.

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Grandkids and animals are natural go-togethers. Kids of most ages will enjoy these animal jokes. Try them out before taking the grandkids to the zoo, or any time that the grands are in a beastly mood!

Riddle Me This!

  1. What is the same size and shape as an elephant but weighs nothing?
  2. What do dogs and trees have in common?
  3. Why do mother kangaroos hate rainy days?
  4. What did the duck say to the comedian?
  5. What was the turkey always in trouble?
  6. Why do you call a baby whale?
  7. How did the little skunk call his mother?
  8. Why is it hard to play cards in the jungle?
  9. Why did the chicken end up in the soup pot?
  10. Why is a snail stronger than an elephant?

The Answers

  1. The elephant's shadow.
  2. Bark.
  3. Because the kids have to play inside.
  4. You quack me up.
  5. For using fowl language.
  6. A little squirt.
  7. On a smell phone.
  8. Too many cheetahs.
  9. Because it ran out of cluck.
  10. Because a snail carries his house on his back, and an elephant just carries his trunk.

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