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Things to Do With Your Grandchildren

Projects and activities can make those times you share with your grandchildren special. Arts and crafts, outdoor sports and board games are classic ways of spending time together. Today's grandparents may also share movie or TV time, video games or computer activities.
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Questions to Bring You Closer to Grandma and Grandpa
Unlike most memory journals, which are designed to be filled out by grandparents, this little book is designed to create an interactive experience between a grandchild and grandma and grandpa. As such, it would be a good activity to bring grandchildren and grandparents closer together.

Favorite Cookie Recipes to Bake With Grandchildren
These favorite cookie recipes complete with their own stories are fun to bake and enjoy with grandchildren, plus the time-tested recipes produce delicious results.

Halloween Jokes for Kids
Halloween is a great time to have fun with kids and grandkids, and these jokes and riddles will add to the fun.

6 Ideas Borrowed From Children's Museums for Inexpensive Fun
If your grandchildren love children's museums, why not borrow their ideas to create some fun at home? These six ways to have inexpensive fun will delight the grandchildren without costing much money.

Home Science Experiments for Grandparents and Grandkids
Your grandchildren just may fall in love with science when they try these easy home science experiments.

Ten Old-Fashioned Ways to Have Fun With Your Grandchildren
You don't have to have a video game console to have fun with your grandkids. Just remember the things you liked to do when you were a kid.

Ten More Old-Fashioned Ways to Have Fun With Your Grandchildren
If you liked our first list of old-fashioned activities, our second list will be the catalyst for more fun. You'll enjoy these activities because they'll bring back some wonderful memories, and your grandchildren will be making some memories of their own. Perhaps one day your grandchildren will be sharing these…

Five Fun Things to Do With Tween Grandchildren
Tweens between the ages of 9 and 12 have fairly long attention spans and the ability to follow directions, so they are perfect for these fun projects.

Traditional and Folk Songs to Share With Grandchildren
If your grandchildren don't know these favorite folk songs, that's a shame. On the other hand, it means you get to have the fun of introducing the grandkids to these folk songs for children.

Kids' Brain Teasers and Mind Games
These old-fashioned kids' brain teasers and mind games have amused kids for many years. Most don't require any props, although the river crossing games are traditionally played with coins. They can be played on trips, in restaurants and any other place where the grandchildren are getting restless.

Five Classic Poems to Share With Grandchildren
Since poetry is best when read aloud, reading poetry with grandchildren is a perfect activity. Grandparents may remember these five classic poems from their own childhoods, which makes them extra special.

I Spy: A Game for Young and Old
One of the first games that most children learn to play, I Spy is great for practicing color recognition. Older kids like it because it tests their powers of observation.

52 Activities to Share With Your Grandchild
Looking for something to do with your grandchildren? There's no need to read a lengthy book. This deck of 52 cards gives you 52 ideas for things to do with grandchildren. This activity pack will fit in a purse or glove compartment.

How to Write a Poem to Give to Someone
Poetry writing is a special activity for grandparents and grandchildren to share. Grandparents can write poems for their grandchildren, or use these tips to help grandchildren write poems for the other people in their lives.

Pirate Jokes and Riddles for Kids
Pirates and jokes are a winning combination. Grandparents and grandkids will get some laughs from this list of pirate jokes and riddles for kids.

Skeleton Jokes for Kids
No bones about it! The grandkids will like these skeleton jokes.

Witch Jokes for Kids
Witch costumes are classic for Halloween, and so are these witch jokes.

Vampire Jokes for Kids
These vampire jokes will appeal to the grandchildren, although they may drive the grandparents batty.

Ghost Jokes for Kids
If you're looking for jokes with a Halloween theme, try these ghost jokes. The grandkids will think they are a real scream.

Animal Jokes for Kids
The next time the grandkids are in a beastly mood, cheer them up with animal riddles.

Jokes and Riddles for Kids About Food
Make points with the grandkids with this store of kid-friendly jokes. Food is the common theme, so they're perfect for mealtime.

Volunteering for Kids: How Grandparents Can Help
Getting the grandkids involved in volunteering is a wonderful role for grandparents. When it's something that you can do together, you'll have extra-special bonding time as well.

Understanding Your Grandchild's Interest in Anime
If a grandchild loves anime, but you don't understand it, this article can help. Soon you may find that your share your grandchild's interest in anime.

Science on a Fossil Dig - Young Scientists Club
The Young Scientists Club offers kits that make science fun, including this one that simulates a fossil dig. Your little scientist will get to unearth real fossils.

Jumping into Electricity With The Young Scientists Club
Looking for a fun way to teach the grandkids about electricity? In Jumping Into Electricity, Ms. Frizzle of the Magic School Bus leads kids through more than a dozen activities that make learning about electricity fun.

Nine Suggestions for Telling Stories to Grandchildren
Children who grow up with family stories have a better sense of their heritage and greater resilience, research shows. Who better to pass on family stories than grandparents? Find some advice to make your storytelling more compelling.

Ten Movies From the 30s and 40s to Watch With Grandchildren
Making the grandchildren into genuine movie lovers starts with the classics, especially these ten movies starring the likes of Charlie Chaplin, Laurel and Hardy, the Marx Brothers and Shirley Temple.

Best Old Movies to Watch With Grandchildren
What are your favorite old films for watching with the grandchildren/ What classic movies do you watch over and over again?

6 Codes and Ciphers to Teach the Grandchildren
The grandchildren will love the challenge of using codes and ciphers. You'll love seeing their brains working. Long-distance grandparents will find coded messages a fun way to stay connected.

The Goodnight Book: For Moms and Little Ones
With The Goodnight Book on your bedside table, you'll never have to search for bedtime reading when the grandchildren are sleeping over. The book also contains recipes, activities and charming illustrations.

Fun With Grandchildren for Grandparents With Disabilities
Grandparents with disabilities may not be able to share all of their grandchildren's activities, but they can share most, including computer games, card games, music, and storytelling.

Kickball: One of the Best Outdoor Games to Play With Kids
You don't need much to play an old-fashioned game of kickball with the grandkids. Kickball is a great outdoor games for kids because it can be adapted to all ages and skill levels.

Chuck's Stunt Park from Tonka Chuck and Friends
Chuck's Stunt Park from Tonka Chuck and Friends is a motorized playset that encourages active and creative play. Even grandparents will enjoy watching Chuck go through his paces.

Don't Make Me Laugh Jr.: A Kids' Board Game That's Pure Fun
Players throw a die and move around a board, but that's about the only similarity between a conventional kids' board game and Don't Make Me Laugh Jr. Those who are terribly serious or very competitive will hate this game. Those who love to have fun will love it.

Dweebies: A Fun Family Card Game from Gamewright
Looking for a fun family card game? Check out Dweebies from Gamewright. Players draw and play cards with appealing Dweebie characters. That's why they call it "the card game with character."

Uglydoll Card Game
The Uglydoll Card Game by Gamewright is a simple matching game for ages 6 and up that requires no reading. A love for Uglydolls, however, is a plus.

Top Collecting Hobbies to Share With Grandchildren
Collecting can be a source of pleasure for young and old, especially when a hobby is shared by grandparents and grandchildren. Get ideas for collecting hobbies that are good for all generations.

Real World Math to Do With Grandchildren
Everyday activities that you do with grandchildren offer lots of opportunities for real world math. Don't overdo it, but don't overlook chances to teach or reinforce vital math concepts.

50 Kinds of Silly Fun
It's time to enjoy some silly fun with your grandchildren. Here are 50 ideas to get you started.

Six Kinds of Cheap and Creative Fun
Spending time with grandchildren can cost a pretty penny. Opt instead for these six kinds of cheap fun.

How to Listen to a Podcast
Grandparents may not be exactly sure how to listen to podcasts, but once they get the hang of it, they are sure to be hooked. Grandchildren may enjoy podcasts, too.

Audio Podcasts for Kids That the Grandkids Will Enjoy
Audio podcasts are great for car trips, bedtime and other times when you want to chill with a grandchild.

The Importance of Free Play for Grandchildren
It's vital that children have time for free play. Grandparents can make it possible for their grandchildren to reap all the benefits of free play.

Nature Treasure Hunt
Grandchildren will love participating in nature scavenger hunts, and they'll gain a greater appreciation for the natural world.

Grandma's Bag Makes Visits More Fun
A grandma's bag filled with small-sized toys, books and grands will give the grandchildren something to look forward to whenever you visit.

Themed Visits With Grandchildren
Liven up visits with grandchildren by following a theme. Adding a theme to a meal, movie night or sleepover will make an ordinary occasion special.

What Not to Make With Your Grandchildren
Unless you like a lot of mess for a little fun, skip these activities sometimes suggested for grandparents and grandchildren.

How to Manage Grandchildren and Electronic Media
Sometimes what you don't do with grandchildren is just as important as what you do. Turn off your screens when the grands come over and concentrate on more traditional types of play.

Grandkids Say the Darndest Things!
Do your grandchildren say the funniest things? Write them down so you won't forget, and they can be enjoyed another day.

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