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Hints for Home Visits With Grandchildren

Planning ahead for visits from grandchildren is essential. You'll need to consider food, sleeping arrangements and equipment that might be necessary or helpful. But don't forget to plan for fun! Your grandchildren will also enjoy establishing routines and building traditions.
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Help for Grandparents When Grandchildren Come to Stay
Babysitting grandchildren isn't always a joy. Grandparents may have to deal with these five situations when grandchildren come to stay.

10 Things Grandparent Babysitters Want Parents to Know
Grandparents are usually happy to babysit the grandchildren for a few hours or even longer, but there are a few things that will make the experience better for everyone.

5 Decisions About Grandkids That Grandparents Can Make
Grandparents are often advised to keep their mouths shut, but there are decisions about grandkids that grandparents can make, especially when the grandkids are in their home or in their care.

Sports Equipment That's Perfect for a Grandparent's House
When you are choosing sporting equipment for a grandparent's house, look for activities that don't take up much room and that can be adapted for different ages.

Kid Supplies for Grandparents
What kid supplies do grandparents need in their cars and houses? This basic list will get you thinking; add other items as appropriate for your climate and the ages of your grandchildren.

Equipment for New Grandparents - Baby Chairs
If you're a grandparent, you probably used traditional high chairs for your own children. Remember how they managed to get creamed peas into every crevice? Today's parents and grandparents have many more choices when it comes to purchasing baby chairs, from traditional to modern. Just remember that some things don't change. Babies are still good...

Equipment for New Grandparents - Baby Cribs
New grandparents may want to invest in a baby crib, either a a full-size model or a compact travel crib.

How to Handle Cousin Rivalry
If you are hosting more than one grandchild in your home, you may have to deal with some cousin rivalry. Like sibling rivalry, cousin rivalry is sparked by jealousy and competitiveness.

Get the Grandkids to Eat Fruits and Vegetables
If you are sometimes responsible for feeding your grandchildren, you probably are concerned with healthy foods for kids, and that means lots of fruit and vegetables. Read some tips about how to get the grandkids to eat them.

Stocking Up on Food for Kids
When the grandchildren come over unexpectedly, you'll be glad you have these foods in the pantry. They don't require freezing or refrigeration, but they make feeding grandchildren a snap.

Card Playing Etiquette for the Grandchildren
Many grandparents have taken on the role of teaching their grandchildren how to play cards. Part of that role is teaching them card playing etiquette as well.

Essential Items for Visiting Grandchildren
What's on your list of essential items for visiting grandchildren? What clothing, toys, equipment and supplies can they -- and thus you -- not get along without?

How Grandparents Can Prevent Fatigue
Having grandchildren visit in your home is great fun. Enjoy visits to the max with these tips to minimize fatigue.

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