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Equipment for New Grandparents: Baby Crib Choices

Options Range From Practical to Extravagant


If you’re a grandparent-to-be getting ready for new adventures, you are probably looking at cribs. Perhaps you want a full-sized bed, but many grandparents opt for a travel crib that can be packed away between visits or between grandbabies. Play yards are popular options, but manufacturers warn that these are not substitutes for cribs. They should be used for daytime visits rather than sleepovers. If you haven't shopped for baby equipment in a while, you'll be amazed by the baby crib choices that are available. Recommendations are based on published reviews and word-of-mouth rather than actual experience.

1. Cariboo Folding Bassinet

Smiling grandparents holding baby grandson
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These good-looking bassinets from a New Zealand company will accommodate babies up to 20 pounds and can be used for toy storage thereafter. There's a classic model, a folding model and a gentle motions version that rocks. Grandparents might consider the folding model since it easily stores when not in use. Cariboo is an eco-friendly company with the motto, "Nursery products born in nature."
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2. Dream On Me Portable Crib

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This patented three-in-one design means that this crib can be used as a changing table, crib, or playpen. No tools are required to adjust from one function to another. The crib comes in six shades, including white and black, and includes a one-inch mattress. This company makes several other models of high quality portable cribs.
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3. BabyBjorn Travel Crib Light

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This travel crib weighs only 11 pounds and can be set up in one easy movement. The sloping sides make it extra snug and secure. Appropriate for children up to three years, it comes in its own travel case. The fabric is soft and can be removed for washing. Baby Bjorn is a Swedish company best known for its baby slings.
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4. Pea Pod Plus by Kidco

Photo © Kidco
This innovative take on the portable crib can actually be used for infants and for small children. It is basically a tent that comes with an inflatable mattress; the total weight is only ten pounds. Because it can be zippered closed, it protects children from insects and is thus perfect for camping. It also provides protection from wind and sun. Indoors, it can be left unzipped for easier access.

5. Phil and Teds Traveller

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Weighing only eight pounds, this travel crib with aluminum frame and washable fabric will serve well both inside and outdoors. The closed-cell air mattress is described as self-inflating, meaning that it requires only a few puffs of air to inflate. It is designed to serve as a crib or playpen for ages up to 3. A screen offering UV protection is sold separately. It's a great choice for traveling with grandchildren.
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6. Foundations HideAway FullSize Folding Crib

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Grandparents who are traditionalists will be comfortable with this simple design which looks like a standard crib but folds for storage when not in use. A two-inch mattress is included. The crib weighs 63 pounds, which means that putting it away will be a two-person job for most people. But its height means that transferring babies in and out will be relatively easy on the back.
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