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All About Choosing Grandparent Names

What to Call Grandparents Is an Important Decision for Many


New grandparents face an important decision: choosing their grandparent names. Thanks to the diversity of our world, grandparents have a lot of choices. They are no longer limited to the traditional names like Grannie and Grandpa. Of course, the topic of names for grandparents also sparks occasional conflicts, but those can be settled with a little creativity and flexibility.

1. Choosing Your Grandmother Name

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Grandmothers will be the first to tell you: Most of them agonized over this decision, unable to decide upon a traditional name, a modern name or a name reflecting a culture or ethnicity. If you have just received the joyful news and need a grandmother name, here's your starting point. Be sure to click on the responses from readers at the end to get more ideas.

2. Grandmother Name Quiz

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Choosing the best grandmother name for you means analyzing your grandparenting style, or imagining what it might be. Take the quiz for a few laughs and perhaps some insight into the best grandmother name for you.

3. Choosing Your Grandfather Name

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Grandfathers tend to be a little less concerned about their grandparent name, outwardly at least. But when you consider that you will have this name for a very long time, and when you know that it will be used frequently by little creatures very precious to you, you may want to consider all the possibilities. Here's a good starting place.

4. Grandfather Name Quiz

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Are you an indulgent type or a bit of a curmudgeon? Would you rather play ball with your grandchildren, or whip up some waffles? The individual that you are should be reflected in your grandparent name. Take the quiz for fun and to get some ideas about which grandfather name suits you best.

5. What to Do About Conflicts Over Grandparent Names

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So you've found the perfect grandparent name, only to discover that another member of the family objects to your choice. What to do? Find suggestions for solving this and other grandparent name conflicts.

6. Book About Grandparent Names: You Can Call Me Hoppa!

New book by Lauren Charpio helps grandparents choose their grandparent names.
Photo © Lauren Charpio
Author Lauren Charpio believes that the sky's the limit when it comes to imagining your grandparent name. She even suggests that you're not stuck with the name you originally chose. Change it if you want! This book will stretch your perceptions of what grandparent names can be.

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