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The grand adventure begins before your grandchild is even born. You'll want to be a part of it all, from babyhood to adolescence and beyond. You'll be able to help both your children and your grandchildren in so many special ways.
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Should Grandparents Go on College Visits With Grandchildren?
Grandparents are sometimes asked to accompany grandchildren on college visits, either alone or with parents. Visiting college campuses with a grandchild can be a responsibility, but it can also be a great bonding experience.

Ten Things to Consider When Planning Your Baby Shower
Although baby showers primarily honor the mother-to-be and the baby, the grandmother usually is a special guest. Here are ten baby shower suggestions for the mother-to-be from the grandmother-to-be.

New or Used Baby Equipment?
Grandparents may try to save money by obtaining used baby equipment. They should be careful, however, not to sacrifice safety.

Baby Supplies for Grandparents
When an infant grandchild comes to visit, grandparents will want to be prepared with these essential baby supplies.

10 Ways to Be a Good Role Model for Grandkids
If grandparents want happy, healthy grandchildren, they need to be sure they are serving as good role models, demonstrating those habits conducive to health and happiness.

Ten Suggestions for Grandparents of Baby Twins and Multiples
The news that you will be the grandparent of twins or multiples can be overwhelming. Read this common-sense advice that will calm your fears and help you double (or multiply) your pleasure.

Baby Shower Tips for Parents and Grandparents
It may not be as big a deal as a wedding, but a baby shower can be a stressful occasion for both the mother-to-be and the grandmother-to-be. These baby shower tips for parents and grandparents can help.

Grandchildren and Sports
Grandparents probably fall roughly into three categories: those who love sports, those who somewhat interested in them and those who are totally indifferent to sports but love their grandchildren. Those in the first will be in the rooting section whenever possible and will avidly follow the games when they are not able to be present. Those in...

Baby Shower Likes and Dislikes
So you're going to be a grandparent? That may mean that you'll be attending a baby shower. What makes an excellent baby shower? What are your baby shower likes and dislikes?

Should Grandparents-to-Be Take a Grandparenting Class?
Grandparenting classes may cover changes in prenatal care and delivery, as well as new child products and ways in which child care has changed.

Help! I Hate My Grandchild's Name!
Grandparents-to-be may be upset when they learn of a the name that is planned for a new grandchild. Choosing a baby name is a parental prerogative, however, and grandparents will have to accept the name. This advice may help.

I Hated My Grandchild's Name - Readers Tell How They Reacted to a...
There's no question that you'll love your grandchild, but what if you hate a grandchild's name? Readers share their experiences adapting to chosen baby names.

How to Photograph Newborns in the Hospital
Photographing newborns in a hospital setting can be tricky, but grandparents can pull it off with these helpful tips.

What Not to Say, Baby and Toddler Edition
Preparing for the best possible grandparenting, experience begins before your grandbaby is born when you are careful about what you say to the expectant mother.

What Not to Say, Baby and Toddler Edition
If you are a grandparent of a baby or toddler, here's a list of what not to say to the parents of your grandchild.

Making the Big Adjustment to Being a Grandparent
Those who have trouble making the big adjustment to being a grandparent, be reassured: You're not alone.

What New Grandparents Need to Know
Use these ten hints to build a great relationship with your grandchild and his or her parents.

When a Grandchild Doesn't Like a Grandparent
Grandparents are usually eager to bond with a grandchild, but the baby may not be equally eager. Sometimes grandchildren take a dislike to grandparents, but time usually takes care of the problem.

Memoirs and Family History
A grandparent can give a grandchild a timeless and priceless gift by recording a memoir or family history. Several companies will help you pass on your memories to your descendants.

Bonding With a New Grandchild
Bonding with a new grandchild is vital, but grandparents must also respect the wishes of the parents, whether in regard to hospital or home visits,

When Grandparents Divorce
Grandparent divorce can be confusing for everyone, including adult children and grandchildren. Learn what factors lay behind the dissolving of some long-term marriages, and get insights about what to tell the grandchildren.

What Kind of Grandparent Are You?

How to Take Great Pictures of Grandchildren
Nothing warms the cockles of a grandparent’s heart like a photograph of a grandchild, and it’s even more gratifying if you took it yourself. While having a decent camera is important, and some technical knowledge is helpful, neither of these will guarantee a good picture. Learning to think and act like a photographer, however, will help you take great pictures of grandchildren.

What New Grandparents Need to Know
These articles for new grandparents will help in many different areas, from dealing with emotional issues to equipping your home for your new grandchild.

Enjoying Your Grandchildren through all Ages and Stages
From colic to acne, from tantrums to teenage angst--each stage of a grandchild's life brings its own delights and its own challenges. As a loving grandparent, you'll want to be right there, with a helping hand and an understanding heart. This collection of facts, insights and helpful hints will help you be a more effective grandparent for each...

Enjoying Your Baby Grandchild's First Year
A new grandchild? Build a relationship with baby and parents by adhering to these principles.

Grandparenting Preschoolers
Grandparenting preschoolers can be a challenge! They are reaching new heights of mental ingenuity and physical adeptness. Opportunities abound for grandparents to impact their lives.

Grandparenting School Age Children
Grandparenting school age children is an adventure! Children make huge strides developmentally from the ages of 5 to 9. Here’s what to expect as your grandchildren grow and what you can do to make them healthier, happier and more successful.

Grandparenting Tweens
Grandparenting tweens is an mutually rewarding experience that is also a great deal of fun!

8 Areas Not in a Grandparent's Role
A grandparent's role has many enjoyable dimensions, but some areas are not in a grandparent's role. Learning to observe the limits should begin even before a grandchild is born.

How to Be the Perfect Grandma Hands Out Advice Both Humorous and Spot-On
From the time that first grandchild is born, until your teenage grandchildren turn you into "Grandma Who," Bryna Nelson Paston has words of humor and wisdom for all stages.

Grandparent Poems
These grandparent poems cover many aspects of the grandparenting experience, beginning with becoming a grandparent.

Telephone Tips for Connecting With Long-Distance Grandchildren
Understanding how grandchildren of different ages function on the telephone can help you stay connected with your long-distance grandchildren. These telephone tips should help.

Becoming a Grandparent Through Adoption
Those who become grandparents through adoption have a lot of joy in store, along with some some special challenges.

Should Children Be Named After Grandparents?
In some cultures and families, it is traditional to give a baby a grandparent's name. A grandparent not honored in this way should not take offense.

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