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Wyoming Grandparents' Rights

Provisions Made for Grandparents and Caregivers



Wyoming features stunning scenery and fairly liberal statutes about grandparent visitation.

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In the state of Wyoming, one statute addresses grandparent visitation rights and another addresses caregiver visitation rights, which will pertain to some grandparents. Both statutes are brief and put few obstacles in the path of grandparents seeking visitation.

In the first instance, a grandparent is allowed to bring an original suit against any person having custody of a grandchild. In the second instance, a caregiver may petition for visitation if he or she has been the child's primary caregiver for at least six months out of the preceding eighteen months. Grandparents seeking visitation should document their relationship with their grandchild closely and follow other recommendations for safeguarding visitation rights.

Both statutes require the court to find that visitation would be in the best interest of the child and would not substantially impair the rights of the parents. Both statutes provide that if a guardian ad litem is appointed, the petitioner is responsible for those fees and expenses. Neither grandparents nor caregivers can sue for visitation rights in the case of a child adopted by persons not related by blood to the child. Visitation rights may be amended or revoked if the custodial parent or guardian demonstrates good cause. See Wyoming Statutes 20-7-101 and 102..

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