1. Parenting

Grandparents Rights

The right of grandparents to visit and otherwise maintain a relationship with grandchildren should not be taken for granted. Laws and legal cases that vary from state to state determine grandparents rights.

Supreme Court Rules Against Grandparents Rights

The case of Troxel v. Granville that was decided by the Supreme Court in 2000 is a landmark case in the field of grandparents rights. In what is generally seen as a blow to grandparents right, the decision supported the rights of parents to make decisions about visitation.

Grandparents Who Have Been Denied Visitation Rights

The unimaginable happens to thousands of grandparents each year--the loss of contact with their grandchildren. Some grandparents win visitation rights through the courts, and some are able to work out a solution on their own. Other are still suffering. Read their stories, or tell your own.See submissions

How I Have Coped With Being an Estranged Grandparent - Coping Strategies for...

Estranged grandparents tell what strategies have helped them cope. Perhaps some of these coping strategies will help other grandparents in similar situations.

Do You Have Experience With Grandparent Custody?

If you have or have had custody of grandchildren, share your experiences with other grandparents. Grandparent custody is a complex issue. Other grandparents may benefit from hearing your story.See submissions
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