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Becoming a grandparent is one of the most important of life's passages. New grandparents have a lot of joy in store, but they may also have some adjusting to do. Choosing grandparent names and preparing the home for visits from grandchildren are just two of the tasks facing new grandparents. Helping out the new parents should also be a top priority, as parents are portals to their children, your grandchildren. Maintaining positive family relationships is a must.
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Grandparent Names

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Grandparents today come in many types, some traditional and some not. Having a grandparent name that suits your personality is important to many grandparents. There is no reason to be called Grannie unless you choose to be.

Getting Ready

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A lot of the work of becoming grandparents is done before the arrival of the little one, as you adjust to the coming changes and prepare an environment that will reflect the love in your heart.

Baby Gear

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In spite of their reputation, not all grandparents like to shop. A certain amount of shopping may be necessary for new grandparents in order to properly welcome the new arrival. This useful information will make it easier for shoppers and non-shoppers.

Grandchild Safety

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The number one concern of most grandparents is the safety of their grandchildren. In this ever-changing world, grandparents may need a crash course in keeping grandchildren safe.

Special Situations

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Although the birth of a grandchild is a joyous occasion, it can come with unexpected developments. Being armed with knowledge will help you, your grandchild (or grandchildren) and the parents.

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