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Sharing time and making memories with grandchildren--what could be more fun! If you are able to travel with your grandchildren, here are some great destinations and travel tips. You don't have to leave home, however, to enjoy these books, toys, games, crafts and projects. There are also ideas for making family celebrations more special.
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Things to Do

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Although unplanned, unstructured time with grandchildren can be precious, that moment may come when grandparents hear, "I'm bored!" With these ideas for activities and projects, you'll be able to avoid the ennui. And you just might end up with something extraordinary to eat or wear. At the very least, you'll have some marvelous memories.

Toy and Games

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Most grandparents love to buy toys for their grandchildren, but they have exacting criteria. The toys need to be well-made and educational. If they incorporate active play and problem-solving, that's even better. And the very best choices are those toys and games that allow grandparents to play, too!

Traveling With Grandchildren

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When you travel with grandchildren, you are sure to have some unforgettable memories among your souvenirs. Whether traveling by air or hitting the road, whether heading for a deluxe resort or sleeping in a tent, fun is sure to be on the itinerary.

Top Destinations

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Here are some great family destinations, with choices in both urban settings and the great outdoors. Places to stay, sights to see and things to do are geared for multi-generational groups. Since grandparents are often notably thrifty, we also have some ideas for saving money while on the road.


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Special occasions are wonderful for multi-generational parties and outings. Start with birthdays and winter holidays, but don't stop there. Why not plan a family reunion, if your family doesn't already have one? And by all means don't forget Grandparents Day!

Books to Read and to Share

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One of the biggest thrills in a grandparent's life is hearing a grandchild read for the first time. Even before that day, however, grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy sharing a world of books. Here are some of my favorites for reading with grandchildren, and some books that should be on every grandparent's bookshelf.

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