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Enjoying Spring and Summer With Grandkids


Spring and summer are special times for grandparents and grandchildren. Spring break and summer vacation give grandparents and grandchildren opportunities to travel and play to their heart's content. These suggestions for places to visit and things to do will spark your imagination as you plan to make the most of spring and summer.
  1. Grandma Camp
  2. Summer Destinations
  3. Helpful Travel Hints
  4. Outdoor Activities
  1. Summer Toys and Games
  2. Rainy Day Activities
  3. Family Celebrations
  4. Summer Safety

Grandma Camp

Even little cowboys need a break from the action at Grandma Camp.

When grandparents host grandchildren for a few days, with special outings and activities, some people call that Grandma Camp. Of course, Grandpa is most likely involved as well.

Summer Destinations

Summer's not the only time to travel with grandchildren, but it's one of the best times. Hints about destinations, lodging and activities will help you make the most of your summer explorations.

Helpful Travel Hints

Once you've decided on a destination, you may still need some advice. Make getting there half the fun, and plan for some awesome activities once you've arrived.

Outdoor Activities

Fresh air, sunshine, cool water--these are the ingredients for outdoor fun with grandchildren. Share some of these old-fashioned activities with them, and they'll forget all about video games for a while.

Summer Toys and Games

Play capture the flag and other old-fashioned games with the new-fashioned Nerf Strikefire dart gun.

Sometimes you want to pick up a special toy or two for the grandkids, especially toys that encourage outdoor fun. Here are reviews of some you might want to consider.

Rainy Day Activities

Photo © Stockfoundry / Dreamstime

Even in the summertime, baby, the rain must fall. On those days when you're stuck inside, here are some fun things to do with the grandkids. Or perhaps a short drive in the rain will bring you to another place to explore.

Family Celebrations

grandchild birthday

Summer's the perfect time for multigenerational celebrations. Plan something special to bring the whole family together.

Summer Safety

Although summer brings special fun, it brings special hazards, too. Most are connected with the water. Here's what you need to know to keep the grandkids safe and healthy.

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