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Enjoying Fall, Winter and the Winter Holidays


There's no time of the year that's more precious to a grandparent's heart than winter holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another winter holiday, it truly is "the most wonderful time of the year." Leading up to that special season, we also enjoy cooler weather and celebrating Halloween and Thanksgiving.
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Halloween Jack O'Lantern

Did you know that Halloween is the second most popular holiday, after Christmas? Find ideas for Halloween fun, including instructions for carving a pumpkin, just in case you are out of practice.

Christmas and Winter Holiday Fun

A Santa who keeps up with grandchildren who are naughty or nice can be a little scary.

"It's the most wonderful time of the year!" That's how most grandparents feel about the holidays. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or another winter holiday, you'll enjoy our hints for festive times.

Gifting Ideas

The image of the grandparent bearing gifts is a cliche with some basis in truth. Almost all grandparents enjoy giving to grandchildren. Here's advice to help you choose just the right gift. If you are looking for gift ideas for yourself or for other grandparents, look no further.

Toy and Game Reviews

Share your childhood with a grandchild with a retro doll, like the Terri Lee.

If there's one thing a grandparent hates, it is spending money on something that's not worth it. These toy reviews will help you make good choices, so that the grandparents and the grandchildren will be happy.

Outdoor Fun

Nerf makes playing safe and fun with the Nerf Strikefire Dart Tag set.

We think of summer as prime time for playing outside, but in many parts of the country, fall is better for being out-of-doors. When the sun shines and the air is crisp, take to the outdoors for some fun and frolic.

Indoor Fun

Making a paper pinwheel is fun and educational.

Some fall and winter weather is glorious, but some is not. On those days when you're stuck inside, here are some enjoyable things to do with the grandkids, with an emphasis on old-fashioned fun.

Super Destinations

Christmas Parade at Walt Disney World in Florida

Lots of places that we traditionally think of as summer vacation spots are just as popular in the fall and winter. Think lots of Christmas lights and other decorations, as well as special programs. If you're more inclined to enjoy an outdoor vacation, you can enjoy spectacular foliage in the fall and maybe an early snowfall later on.

Helpful Travel Advice

With a grandchild, travel has a new dimension.

If you're thinking of traveling with grandchildren during the fall and winter, you'll want to take advantage of these helpful hints that are relevant no matter when you travel.

Outings and Family Days

A little camper has fun at Grandma Camp.

Why not schedule your family celebrations for this lovely time of the year? Family reunions and grandma camp can join your traditional fall and winter gatherings to make this time of the year truly special.

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