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Grandma's Briefs
Grandma's Briefs is the place to go for grandparenting hints and to meet Grilled Grandmas.

Grandma's Briefs is the place to go for grandparenting hints and stories, especially about long-distance grandparenting.

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Since July 2009
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Grandparenting, especially long-distance grandparenting; other grandparent stories; products and services; positive aging

"Why I Blog"
"I write Grandma's Briefs so I can feel a connection, day in and day out, to my long-distance grandsons. But that's not all, and it's definitely not just for grandmas. Grandma's Briefs is where I suss out--for all the world to see and hopefully relate to--all that goes along with being a grandma, a mom, a wife, a woman getting older yet still working out how to best make a positive mark on my family, on my world." (Via email. Read Lisa's blogging advice.)

Guide's Comments
I don't know anyone who has done more for grandparent blogging than Lisa. Her "Grilled Grandma" feature has enabled blogging grandparents to find each other and form a real community. She does, however, have lots of readers who aren't grandparents, thanks to her eclectic mix of topics and her daily posting.

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