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Today's Grandparents and Grandparenting Roles

Grandparents vary widely in their ages, employment status, health, financial situation and life expectancy. Although many may see their grandchildren only periodically, others live in the same household with their grandchildren, and others are the primary caregivers of grandchildren.
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What Kind of Grandparent Are You?
Researchers have reached some interesting conclusions about grandparenting styles. Their studies may give grandparents some insight into their own actions and motives. But the time is ripe for another study of grandparenting styles, one more geared to the twenty-first century.

10 Facts About Grandparents
Those who study grandparents often have a single objective in mind. Grandparents as a group are more diverse than the researchers would have you believe. Learn 10 facts about grandparents. Assess what you really know about your fellow grandmothers and grandfathers.

Grandparents Today
The large and ever-changing group known as grandparents presents challenges to demographers. We do have general information about grandparents today.

The Non-Existent Midlife Crisis and Other Myths
It's time for us to rethink our ideas about midlife and old age. Researchers are learning that many long-held beliefs are not valid and probably never were. The classic midlife crisis rarely occurs, and older people's brains work much better than is commonly perceived.

5 Grandparenting Myths That Need Debunking
The word "grandparent" is still associated with gray hair and spectacles, even though the average age of becoming a grandparent is only 47. Isn't it time for us to banish this misleading image of grandparents? And, while we're at it, let's debunk these grandparenting myths.

Grandparents' Roles and Grandparenting Styles
Take a light-hearted look at grandparents' roles and grandparenting styles. You may recognize someone that you know!

Grandparent Scam FAQs
Do you know the answers to these grandparent scam FAQs? You need to know to protect yourself and your elderly friends and relatives.

10 Ways to Be a Good Role Model for Grandkids
If grandparents want happy, healthy grandchildren, they need to be sure they are serving as good role models, demonstrating those habits conducive to health and happiness.

How to Take Great Pictures of Grandchildren
Nothing warms the cockles of a grandparent’s heart like a photograph of a grandchild, and it’s even more gratifying if you took it yourself. While having a decent camera is important, and some technical knowledge is helpful, neither of these will guarantee a good picture. Learning to think and act like a photographer, however, will help you take...

8 Areas Not in a Grandparent's Role
A grandparent's role has many enjoyable dimensions, but some areas are not in a grandparent's role. Learning to observe the limits should begin even before a grandchild is born.

Share Your Grandparent Stories
Do you have grandparent stories to tell? Our "Show and Tell" feature allows you to share your stories with other About.com readers. Check the list of topics for reader submissions. You're sure to find something that you're an expert on. Submitting your story is easy and fun.

Readers Can Respond Through User Answer Feature
At About.com we're interested in what our readers think. That's why at the end of many articles you'll find a feature that we call User Answers. What you'll see are two little words: Readers Respond. If you click on that link, you will be able to see what others had to say about the topic and add your own response. You can respond as a guest if...

Looking for the Best Grandparent Blogs
Grandparent blogs are a relatively new phenomenon, but they are a way for grandparents to connect with a wider community. Besides, they allow grandparents another way of bragging about their grandchildren, as they share their grandparenting insights.

Bridging the Generation Gap
Based on current research, here are some of the issues that divide the generations, along with advice about bridging the generation gap.

Looking at the Generation Gap
What are the main differences between the generations? Grandparents will find this overview of the generation gap interesting and useful.

Senior Volunteers Find Unique Opportunity in Elder Wisdom Circle
Senior volunteers who are looking for a unique way to help others should check out Elder Wisdom Circle. Cybergrandparents offer advice to the younger generation via the web. Senior volunteers can work from their own homes and on their own schedule.

Improve Your Brain Fitness
Grandparents today want to be more active and involved than ever before, but brain fitness is vital for reaching that goal.

7 Hints for Communicating With Adult Children
Keep your cool and get your message across, with these seven hints for communicating with adult children.

Lifelong Learning for Grandparents
Lifelong learning for grandparents enhances quality of life and also enables better grandparenting through the skills that are learned.

Children as Caregivers for Grandparents
We think of grandparents as taking care of grandchildren, but sometimes the roles are switched and grandchildren are caregivers for grandparents.

Memoirs and Family History
A grandparent can give a grandchild a priceless gift by recording a memoir or family history, made easy by these companies.

Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
Many grandparents are raising their grandchildren as a result of death, divorce, drug problems, incarcerations and other situations that play havoc with family structure.

Grandparents in the News in 2010

Grandparents were in the news in 2010. They were stepping up to provide child care, moving in with their children (or getting moved in on) and learning how to stay connected without getting scammed. Some celebrities joined the grandparenting ranks, and some famous grandchildren re-entered the public eye. Altogether it was a very grand year.

Resources for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren
If you are a grandparent raising grandchildren, you may wonder what resources are available to support you in the tough assignment that you have taken on.

When Your Child Fosters Children: Another Way to Be a Foster Grandparent
When a child becomes a foster parent, foster grandparents are created, too, but some grandparents need help with this role. They may doubt about their child's decision to foster or need to know what to expect.

Smart Housing Choices for Grandparents
At retirement age, many grandparents consider a change in housing, but this is a decision that that requires careful consideration of key factors, including how a move will affect grandparenting roles.

Favorite Grandparent Blog: About.com Readers' Choice Awards 2012
Meet the five individuals responsible for our Favorite Grandparent Blogs, as recognized in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards, sponsored by About.com.

Making Toast Depicts Tragedy and Multigenerational Living
Beginning with a heartbreaking loss, Making Toast by Roger Rosenblatt evolves into an extraordinarily rich tale of a multigenerational household attempting to come to terms with that loss.

Grandparent Poems
These grandparent poems cover many aspects of the grandparenting experience, including the many roles that a grandparent may fill.

Grandchildren Ask the Darndest Things
Grandparents sometimes have to answer ticklish questions posed by grandchildren.

Gay and Lesbian Grandparents
Grandparents who are gay or lesbian often struggle with issues of disclosure, especially the issue of coming out to grandchildren.

Help Your Grandchildren Succeed in School
Most grandparents are eager for their grandchildren to succeed in school, but they sometimes overlook the ways they can promote that success.

The G.I. Generation as Grandparents
Grandparents born 1928-1945, part of the Silent Generation, are great creators and keepers of tradition.

Be an Involved Grandfather
Grandfathers relate to their grandchildren differently from grandmothers, but differences can be strengths, when grandfathers are involved with grandchildren.

The G.I. Generation as Grandparents
Grandparents belonging to the G.I. Generation, also called the Greatest Generation, are often loving but somewhat removed from grandchildren's lives.

The G.I. Generation as Grandparents
Baby Boomer grandparents are changing the face of grandparenting with their active lifestyles and willingness to learn.

The G.I. Generation as Grandparents
It's largely unknown what kind of grandparents Generation Xers will become, but educated guesses are possible.

Grandparenting Styles by Generation
Some differences in grandparenting styles can be traced to generational influences, researchers say.

Stories To Tell Your Grandchildren
Grandparents are natural choices to fill the role of family storyteller. At a loss for stories to tell? Consider these seven subjects.

Model a Happy Marriage for Your Grandchildren
One of the best lessons that grandparents can teach is how to have a happy, long-lived marriage. And that lesson is best taught by example.

The Role of Great-Grandparents
Great-grandparents may do everything that grandparents do, but typically they are a bit more removed from family interactions.

Seven Habits That Grandparents May Need to Break
Being an indulgent grandparent isn't always best. Break these seven grandparenting habits. Parents will appreciate you more if you spoil less.

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