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Flip and Slap: You Just Made a Slamwich!

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Flip and Slap: You Just Made a Slamwich!
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The Bottom Line

My first granddaughter loved to play Slamwich, so we were delighted to find it still in the stores for her 4-year-old sister. The 4-year-old loves it as much as her 17-year-old sister used to. Her favorite part is where she gets to slap the deck and yell, "Stop, thief!" By the way, the 17-year-old still plays a pretty mean game!

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  • Fast-paced and fun
  • Improves reaction time
  • Exercises memory


  • Muncher cards needlessly complicate play


  • Recommended for ages 6-11
  • Created by Gamewright
  • Named one of Game Magazines Top 100 Games

Guide Review - Flip and Slap: You Just Made a Slamwich!

A variation of the classic game Slap Jack, Slamwich is played with a deck of cards shaped like slices of bread. Each card depicts a sandwich ingredient. After the cards are dealt, players take turns putting one of their cards face up on a center stack. If the same ingredient is turned up twice in a row, or with only one other card between them, you slam your hand on top of the pile, and you win the whole pile. Cards depicting a thief require that you slap the deck while yelling, "Stop, thief!"

There are also cards called Muncher cards, which require that the opposing player play a certain number of cards. The manufacturers recommend that the Muncher cards be taken out for younger kids. I've never played with the Muncher cards and don't know if they make the game more or less fun.

Like most of the games that I review, Slamwich is uniquely suited for multi-generational play. If you are a grandparent playing with a preschooler, you might have to pull your game a bit. If you are playing with school-age kids, their fast reflexes will give you a run for your money!

I wouldn't call Slamwich an educational game, but it does hone reflexes. Also, unlike traditional Slap Jack, the game requires that players remember the last two cards that have been played, instead of just reacting to the card on top of the deck, so it could improve concentration and memory skills. Mostly it's just fun.

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