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Dweebies: A Fun Family Card Game from Gamewright

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Dweebies by Gamewright is a family card game that will appeal to all ages.

Dweebies by Gamewright is a family card game that will appeal to all ages.

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The Bottom Line

You know this is going to be a cool game when you read in the directions that the player with the least hair goes first. If you can take your eyes off the captivating Dweebie characters long enough, a game can be played in about 15 minutes. Dweebies are stylized rotund characters with one thing in common: They have no more than three hairs on their heads. Now you see why the player with the least hair goes first. Advantage: Grandpa!


  • Doesn't require reading
  • Does require strategy
  • Can be played at several levels
  • Even appeals to teenagers
  • Characters are fun to look at


  • Rules were a little confusing


  • For 2-6 players
  • Recommended for ages 8 and up
  • Packaged in a sturdy metal box
  • List price $10.99

Guide Review - Dweebies: A Fun Family Card Game from Gamewright

The Dweebies card deck is made up of 54 cards. The center of each is occupied by an amusing Dweebie character. The corner bears a miniature version of the Dweebie, plus dots that signify how many cards of this character appear in the deck. That information becomes very important as the game progresses.

Players are dealt five cards. Each player in turn places a card on the table and draws a replacement card. The cards are laid out in a grid similar to dominos. If a player is able to place a card at the end of a line that matches the card at the other end, he or she gets to pick up the entire line of cards. When the draw pile is gone and the players have played down all the cards they can, the game is over, and the player with the most cards is the winner. The game can be played on a very basic level, but older players will discover that the rarer cards in the game can be used to keep other players from picking up. Grandparents with analytical minds may have to dumb down their play when their opponents are young, but they may find that some of their grandchildren play a tough game.

Several features make this game easy to play and are indicative of the extra thought that Gamewright typically puts into their products:

  • The cards are color coded, so it's easier to detect matches.
  • Players always have five cards in their hands, so it's easy to tell if someone forgets to draw.
  • A player who forgets to draw can draw at any time.

Now for that slightly confusing part: The instructions don't warn you to carefully keep the "trophy" cards--the ones that you pick up--separate from the cards in your hand. If you mix them all into one big hand, the game becomes the game that never ends.

One more thing I like about the game: It takes the pejorative "dweeb" and turns it into something cool. Each of the characters in the deck has "a profession or hobby that they¹re wildly passionate about," according to the creators. Most of us want exactly that for our grandchildren, and playing Dweebies gives us one more opportunity to have that conversation.

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