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Fun Family Game Apples to Apples Will Have Everyone Laughing

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Fun Family Game Apples to Apples Will Have Everyone Laughing
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The Bottom Line

Apples to Apples is a party game that is popular with teens and young adults but which is also a fun family game, sure to stimulate lots of laughter. Although the manufacturers recommend Apples to Apples for ages 12 and up, we found that it can be played by younger ages as well. There is a junior version which we haven't tested and expansion packs to keep the classic game fresh for frequent players.
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  • Fun for most ages
  • Works with groups up to ten
  • Short game length
  • Simple score-keeping
  • Hilarious!


  • Some noun cards will become dated


  • Recommended for Ages 12-99
  • For 4-10 players
  • Easy to learn
  • Educational
  • Originally produced by Out of the Box
  • Now produced by Mattel
  • Winner of numerous awards

Guide Review - Fun Family Game Apples to Apples Will Have Everyone Laughing

What's the most depressing? School, Bart Simpson, fuzz or Custer's Last Stand? Apples to Apples is the game in which players must choose nouns to fit a particular adjective, with unpredictable and sometimes hilarious results.

As a grandmother, I'm always on the lookout for games which can be played by all ages. My family tried this one on the recommendation of my 17-year-old granddaughter. She and her friends are dangerously close to becoming Apples to Apples addicts. After playing it with a family group of half a dozen, I understand why. I also think it would be a perfect game for family reunions, great for breaking the ice amond cousins who haven't seen each other in months.

The game consists of green apple cards containing adjectives and red apple cards containing nouns. An adjective card is turned up, and players choose a noun card to match it, with one player judging which card is the best match. The winner of the round gets to keep the adjective card as a simple way of keeping score. Players are encouraged to lobby for their nouns or otherwise sway the judge.

The fun lies in the bizarre combinations of adjectives and nouns. Judges do not have to make logical choices. In fact, the rules encourage creative choices. Besides being fast-moving, humorous and fun for all ages, Apples to Apples is also educational. For younger players who do not know some of the word meanings, brief explanations--called flavor text--are printed on the cards, making it easy for children to expand their vocabularies and their word association skills.

The game contains instructions for several variations. In one, the noun card is chosen blindly before the adjective card is turned up. This variation makes the game feasible for players down to about age 8. One quibble is that some of the noun cards will become dated quickly--how long before the younger generations don't recognize Bart Simpson? But as long as the manufacturers keep churning out expansion packs, that shouldn't be a huge problem. The bottom line: If you have teen grandchildren, you need Apples to Apples.

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