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Star Wars Dynamic Duo

Luke and Leia Costumes Capture the Charm of the Original Movie


So what if George Lucas threw us a bit of a curve. In our minds, Luke and Leia are still the original star-crossed lovers.
Your grandchildren will enjoy wearing these Luke and Leia costumes for Halloween.

Luke and Leia costumes are easy to create and comfortable and fun to wear.

Photo © M. Schneider
These Star Wars costumes were purchased for our pint-sized intergalactic travelers, but Luke and Leia costumes can be created at home, especially if you already have a couple of light sabers rattling around. For Leia, a plain white dress is wrapped with a piece of gold cord. All that's needed for the finishing touch is a grandmother who knows how to braid hair! For young Luke, an outfit in shades of brown and tan is accessorized with brown boots. If your young Luke doesn't own boots, make a cylinder of brown felt to slide on his legs before he puts on his shoes. You'll get the look of boots without the price.
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