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Holiday celebrations involving three or more generations can be complicated and exhausting. Here are some tips to smooth the way to enjoyable festivities, along with some special hints for celebrating birthdays and facilitating family reunions. Intergenerational celebrations offer unique opportunities for family bonding. Make the most of each of these occasions.
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FAQs About Grandmother Showers
Grandmother showers are a growing trend. Learn the answers to FAQs about celebrations designed to mark this female rite of passage.

A Reader Asks: Should I Allow My Friends to Give Me a Grandma Shower?
Grandma showers can be joyful occasions marking a woman's rite of passage into grandparenthood, but, badly planned, they can also drive a wedge between the mother-to-be and the grandmother-to-be.

Opinions About Grandmother Showers
Readers are asked to share their opinions both for and against grandmother showers.

Staying Connected Through Family Blogs
Family blogs are a great way of connecting with all the generations that make up your family. There are lots of resources for helping you get started blogging, but this article will point out some issues that grandparents should consider before they start a blog.

How to Write a Poem to Give to Someone
Poetry writing can be intimidating, but it's easy to write a poem to give to someone as a special gift. Grandparents can write poems for their grandchildren, or help grandchildren write poems for the other special people in their lives.

52 Activities to Share With Your Grandchild
There's no need for grandparents to read a lengthy book to find things to do with grandchildren. This 52-card activity pack will fit in a purse or glove compartment. Parents, pay attention! It would also make a great addition to a grandparent's gift bag or Christmas stocking.

Grandparents Wordless Wednesday Image Gallery
This gallery of our favorite photographs of grandchildren and grandparents represents the joys of grandparenting.

Here We Go! and Related Activities Promote Grandparent-Grandchild Relationship
The world's first company dedicated to the grandparent-grandchild relationship, GrandCamp Adventures publishes storybooks that tie in to other products, including craft kits, stuffed animals, music CDs and other products. Here We Go!, the company's first storybook, depicts a grandparent-grandchild global adventure.

"Here We Go" Music CD for Grandparents and Grandchildren
This music CD was produced by GrandCamp Adventures to accompany the storybook, Here We Go. The ten songs celebrate the grandparent-grandchild relationship, utilizing a variety of music styles. It's a fun CD for grandparents and grandchildren alike.

Search for Longbeard's Treasure: A Treasure Hunt Game from GrandCamp Adventures
Use this ingeniously designed kids' treasure hunt game to get the grandkids' brains cooking and their legs pumping.

Shake It Up: A Family Handshake Game from GrandCamp Adventures
Use this ingeniously designed set of cards to develop a secret family handshake. It can be played as a game as well, or flip it over for a giant puzzle.

Grandpa, Do You Remember When?
Grandpa, Do You Remember When is a keepsake journal that will make a good gift both going from grandchild to grandpa and then going back to the grandchild when grandpa has completed it. Beautiful illustrations by Jim Daly enhance the pages.

Grandma, Do You Remember When?
Grandma, Do You Remember When is a keepsake journal that will make a good gift both going from grandchild to grandma and then going back to the grandchild when grandma has completed it. Beautiful illustrations by Jim Daly enhance the pages.

A Grandparents' Memory Book
If you're interested in filling out a grandparent's journal for a grandchild gift, consider A Grandparents' Memory Book. Real questions from real grandkids fill its pages, and you might even find yourself having to answer that burning question, "Did you Really Walk Five Miles to School?"

A Grandparent's Legacy: Your Life Story in Your Own Words
This spiral bound grandparent journal, A Grandparent's Legacy, will make a great gift for a grandchild. Each month you'll have just 12 questions to answer, and the end of 12 months you'll have a completed grandparent journal to pass on to the next generation.

Grandma's Special Memories - A Keepsake Record Book
Created by Linda Spivey, this keepsake record book will make a wonderful gift for a grandchild. The rustic folk art illustrations add extra appeal, and well-written questions make it easy for Grandma to record her special memories.

Grandparents' Journal - A Grandparent's Journal from Ryland Peters
With its tabbed sections that begin with family history and end with the future, this grandparents' journal gives equal time to the past and the future. The spiral binding means that it lies flat for writing.

Enjoy a Great Thanksgiving With Grandchildren
Thanksgiving will move up in popularity with the grandchildren if you use these fun ideas.

Tips For Completing a Keepsake Journal for a Grandchild
Making a keepsake journal for a grandchild? What a priceless gift! These hints will help.

Easter Gifts for Grandchildren
If you'd like to get your grandchildren something for Easter that isn't a chocolate bunny, take a look at these suggestions for Easter gifts for grandchildren of all ages.

Create Family Traditions With Your Grandchildren
Traditions give grandchildren continuity and a sense of belonging, as well as being a whole lot of fun.

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