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That's What Grandparents Are For

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children's poetry book
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The Bottom Line

What are grandparents for? For welcoming grandchildren into the world and accompanying them on all sorts of adventures, according to this delightful book by Arlene Uslander. The beautifully rendered illustrations by Freddie Levin complement the text with a colorful, stylized vibe. That's What Grandparents Are For would make a lovely gift for an expectant grandparent, but don't be too altruistic. Buy one for you and your grandchildren to enjoy.

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  • Beautiful Illustrations
  • Rhythmic Text That's Fun to Read
  • Full Color on Every Page
  • Representations of Different Ethnicities
  • Poetic Evocation of the Grandparenting Experience


  • An Occasional Awkward Line


  • Recommended for Ages 4-8
  • 32 Pages
  • Published by Peel Productions

Guide Review

If I'm left up to my own devices in choosing a children's book, I'll always choose a children's poetry book. For that reason, Arlene Uslander's That's What Grandparents Are For will have a place among my favorites. Although there is the occasional clunky line, the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren is rendered in mostly sprightly verse. The story describes the grandparent-grandchildren relationship from birth onward, describing shared experiences such as trips to the zoo, school visits and adventures in gardening. Bittersweet experiences such as the birth of a sibling are also included. Always, the refrain is "That's what grandparents are for," until the end of the book. I won't describe the ending of the book, but if you have a soft heart, it will definitely bring a tear to your eye.

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