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Grandmother and I: a Children's Book About Grandmothers

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Book About African-American Grandmother
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The Bottom Line

Everyone has a lap, but no one's can compare with grandmother's lap in this charming book by Helen E. Buckley. Built around a slight storyline about a missing cat, this picture book describes Grandmother's lap as the ultimate place when a child needs comfort. Originally published in 1959 and updated with charming artwork by Jan Ormerod, Grandmother and I is a classic children's book about grandmothers.

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  • Warm depiction of grandparent-grandchild relationship
  • Realistic and artful illustrations
  • Effective use of repetition


  • Currently available only in paperback


  • 24 pages
  • Published by Harper Trophy, imprint of Harper Collins
  • Ages 3 to 8

Guide Review

"Grandmother and I are sitting in the big chair, rocking." This opening line sets the soothing tone of this wonderful book for grandparents to read with grandchildren. Through the trials of a bad cold, a lightning storm and a cat's disappearance, the granddaughter finds comfort in her grandmother's lap. Other family members offer special treats like hair-braiding and piggyback rides, but grandmother's lap is special. This book will be especially appreciated by African-American families, but the message is universal. Grandparents will also enjoy Grandfather and I

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