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Grandfather and I: a Children's Book About Grandfathers

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Book About African-American Grandfather
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The Bottom Line

Much has changed since 1959, when this book was first published, but the special relationship between a grandfather and a grandchild hasn't changed. Updated with wonderful artwork by Jan Ormerod, the original text by Helen E. Buckley takes on special meaning. There aren't a lot of children's books about grandfathers, but even if there were, this one would be a favorite.

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  • Loving depiction of grandparent-grandchild relationship
  • Realistic but charming art
  • Artful use of repetition


  • Currently available only in paperback


  • 24 pages
  • Published by Harper Trophy, imprint of Harper Collins
  • Ages 3 to 8

Guide Review

In the pressured-up 21st century, this book about a grandfather who takes time to spend with his grandson is especially poignant. Parents and siblings are always in a hurry, but the grandfather in this story takes time to go for slow walks and really look at the world. The artwork by Ormerod is so lovingly rendered that you'll want to join grandfather and grandson on their walks. This book will be especially appreciated by African-American families who sometimes have difficulty finding characters in books who look like them, but the universal message transcends matters of race and ethnicity.

Don't overlook Buckley's companion book, Grandmother and I.

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